Nissan Rogue Casting Call in Vancouver Pay is $2000

Jigsaw Casting

Job Position(s): Actors and Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 25 - 55
Project Type: Commercial
Compensation: $2000
Union Status: Non-Union

Jigsaw Casting is seeking groups of 3 to 5 people: Adult Families, Friends, Roommates or Coworkers..etc who live together, socialize together or are in their own bubble for a Nissan Rogue Campaign in Vancouver!

This spot will reflect the diversity of Canada. We are looking for a broad range of ethnicities, culture, ages, sexual orientations and hobbies. Production and talent to follow all COVID SAFETY ON SET PROTOCOL, see more details here.

We are Looking for groups of 3 to 5 people: Adult Families, group of friends, roommates, coworkers..etc who either live together, socialize together or are in their own bubble together (hang out within a group since COVID), at least one person in the group MUST have a valid driver’s license. See Role descriptions below:

1. CAVE EXPLORERS – Ages 25 to 55. Always looking for an adventure, this group is often seen doing something more compelling than the traditional hiking or fishing cohort. Ideally they are into cave exploration but please do not limit, looking for adventurous types.

2.KNITTING – Ages 25 to 30. Knitting has gone hardcore. You’ll find this group quietly knitting up a storm for their next street art showcase. They are cool and hip types.
DOG YOGA PEOPLE – Ages 25 to 55. Families have been redefined. This group is into Yoga and they love to include their dog/s. This unconventional group/family takes their dog to yoga retreats and meet-ups.

3. SCUBA PEOPLE – Ages 25 to 55. This FAM is all about pushing their limits and exploring new worlds. Ideally a family or group of friends who are into scuba diving but please do not limit if you don’t have experience.

4. DARK SKY PEOPLE – Ages 25 to 55. This FAM must be really into space. Endlessly curious, and always on the lookout for their next meteoric discovery, the Dark Sky FAM comes alive at night. Guided by science and precision, they are always seen loading up their telescopes into their car.

5. VINYL PEOPLE – Ages 45 to 55. They’re more than just music fans, they’re complete audiophiles. And that means the Vinyl FAM is always on the hunt for the best quality in sound and experience. You’ll watch them driving to find elusive, rare albums all across the country to add to their collection.

6. MARTIAL ARTS / JIU JITSU PEOPLE – Ages 25 – 55. Guided by the fundamental teachings of their masters, they are patient, determined, and fearless. Ideally you have martial arts or jiu jitsu experience but please do not limit.

PAY is approx $2,000 + per person if selected. This is a union campaign, non union members/non actors are also welcome to apply. No previous acting experience is required. Casting in Vancouver ONLY. Must be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident.

If interested, please submit a self tape. Here are the questions for your group to answer:
1. Introduce yourselves.
2. Each tell us a bit about yourself.
3. Before lockdown, what did you and your friends or family regularly get up to?
4. Do you play team sports? Any clubs you’re a part of? Interest groups?
5. You’ve got a long weekend ahead, what did you plan?

For the next 30 seconds, pretend to be in a car and drive, and show us what it would look like if you were behind the wheel? One person can be the driver (whomever has the valid driver’s license) while the others sit beside or in the back. Would be great to see how you interact with one another in the car, going on a trip.

Please try to keep your self tape short, around 3 minutes long, you can use your cell phone for filming.

To be considered for this campaign. You must be available for the following dates:
DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: July 10, 2020 at 9am.
Online Interview / Recall: Week of July 20, 2020. Exact date TBD.
Shoot: August 23 to 29, 2020 in Vancouver. Multiple dates. TBD on number of shoot days.

To apply for this job please visit