Multiple Paid Roles for Feature

Lyon Motion Pictures

Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Feature Film
Job Date: January 17, 2020
Compensation: Paid - Dependant on Position
Union Status: Non-Union


Feature Film titled – Killer Keg

Filming Dates – Principal Photography is slated for Jan 17, 2020 (TBD by final locked schedule)

Location – Filming in L.A. & Florida (L.A. dates TBD)

Union Status – currently Non-Union, may become signatory if we’re able to sell our remaining small investment units in time. Otherwise we’ll have to stay non-union due to budgeting. {Previously have produced a number of union features dating back to 2008}

Compensation: All Speaking roles are paid. Lodging is provided as well as food. There is no per diem (sorry).

Travel: Lodging is provided as stated above. A couple name/celebrity roles are being provided airfare. However, we sadly do not have the budget to provide travel for all actors. I wish we could. In some cases, we are looking for a few roles that could self report to Florida though we are holding a casting call in Florida on January 11th. (Anyone from Florida want to come?) Other roles are only needed for their respective Florida or L.A. locations. {If you are able to self report, please let us know.}

Please submit your headshot, resume, and reel if you have one. Let us know if you are able to self report to our Florida locations. If you’re able to attend the January 11th audition let us know that as well and we will give you a link to the event page. Feel free to comment and let us know you’re submitting and for what character(s).

The breakdowns are long, my apologies for the lengthy post.

Roles are as follows:

Lead, Male, 25 – 33 yrs

Unmotivated, at times oblivious, our lovable loser protagonist has no real goals in life which causes him to be dumped and heartbroken. He struggles with the ignorance of his lack of motivation has to come to terms with if he ever wants something more out of life while living in the guest bedroom of his best friend. Ideally we’d want a Justin Long type. Now obviously we cannot afford Justin Long but he often portrays similar character types (Waiting for example) and does an outstanding job. From a looks perspective somewhere between Justin and Zac Efron. We say BETWEEN because he cannot be THAT good looking as it would take too much away from his struggles in life. (It’s always hard to believe the HOT person is suffering that bad.)

Lead, Female, 20 – 28 yrs

Every romcom (romantic comedy) ever made seems to feature the secretly beautiful girl next door unaware of her looks and horribly naive. But we rarely see her after the end credits role. Chloe is that girl, the ugly duckling who became a swan only in this film she’s already converted. Surprisingly sweet and kind, she is a “social media influencer” by trade which she hates admitting mostly just means she puts provocative photos of herself out online to get followers. The fact that this is what pays her bills winds up impacting the rest of her life as she has to make sure to keep up a public perception of being the “it” girl. Even if that sexy and popular persona isn’t exactly who she is which forces her fake it as much as possible. Sometimes going overboard to make that happen.

Supporting, Female, 18 – 30 yrs

Attractive but self centered soon to be ex girlfriend of Philip with bi-polar tendencies and an attitude that greatly overshadows her looks. Often emotional without thinking things through, her actions cause a chain reaction of many negative and sometimes comical events. (there is a scene that involves backside nudity when she is dressing and leaving the bedroom before dumping her boyfriend, thus we’re looking for someone comfortable with such content for this role)

Supporting, Male, min 60 yrs

Clint Eastwood type working at a coffee shop because his retirement doesn’t pay his bills. Former military man who can’t bring himself to accept having a teenager for a boss and the depressing state of life he is living in. Snarky and hilariously gruff. (Will need a strong actor with significant range and comedic timing.)

Supporting, Female, 18 – 22 yrs

Young host at a restaurant whom everyone hits on and she likes the attention. Often she goes out of her way to bring it on herself.

Supporting, Male, 40 – 55 yrs

Manager of a local restaurant/pub who takes his job seriously but still wants to be considered one of the guys. Often more the butt of jokes than in on them but has enough of a backbone to give it back.

Supporting, Female, 18 – 30 yrs

confident, real, and fiery, Heather is Chloe’s best friend and social conscience thought not necessarily the best influence. Her confidence is a shame but she is at least a friend for the right reasons.

The Observer
Supporting, Male, min 50 yrs

The quirky collector of strange items who is mysterious and comes off like a bit of a prankster. He enjoys studying people and how they’ll react to different circumstances in life. (For you horror fans, picture a less intense and demonic Pinhead from Hellraiser if he was human and collected many items like the box.)

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