Multiple Actors Needed for Student Film in Vancouver


Wilhelmina “Will” Richards | 20s – early 40s | Female

A former cult member of the Static and escapes the cult after witness and experience the demoralization side of the cult. She and her sister were beaten by Father Joshua which cause her eyes has detached retina and need to wear a thick lens glasses for life time. After the escape, she becomes a deprogrammer who help the other cult member like her get out of the cult. She is a strong and independent female who is brave enough to question what has always been told is right and be the first one who break the wall.

Todd | Early 20s – Late 20s | Male

A passionate, young cult member who needs to find and destroy Will to make his desire come true. He refuses to think about how true is the doctrine but Todd is absolutely loyal to the cult and it’s doctrine.. He misunderstand the cult’s tenants like many other member under Father Joshua’s lead and desperately wants to become the new leader just to suit his own ego. He is always ready to take the responsibility of leading humanity.

The Messenger

A powerful creature from the universe. It’s main job is to convey what the hive-mind, the God figure’s wants directly to human. It wants to correct the what’s goes wrong in the world and humanity. It needs to choose from Will or Todd of who will be the new leader.

Jeremy | Mid 20s – Late 30s | Male

A large assistant who response for guiding Todd into the room.

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