Montreal Casting Call for Student Project

Student Film

Job Position(s): Casting Call
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Pilot
Job Date: Dec 19 - 20
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
Production Title: “We”
Union/ Non- Union: NON- UNION
Production Type: STUDENT
Project Length: PILOT (15 MINUTES)
Production Location: Montreal
Production Company: TREBAS INSTITUTE
Company Website:
Director: Saba Jakeman
Casting Director: Chloe Rochon
Audition Location: On-Tape/Video Chat (due to COVID-19)
Shooting Location: Locations TBD
Compensation: No
Auditions: Email audition tape (monologue of your choosing) – through
NOVEMBER 2020. Please include your name, the role you are auditioning for, your contact info and
your representation info if applicable.
Call Backs: Via email; response within a week
Key Dates: TBD
Shooting Starts: December 19th – AM
Shooting Ends: December 20th – PM
We follow the daily life of Emily, a 22 years literature student with no confidence and anxiety. Her
twin sister, Estelle, is her own nightmare who lives with her. Extroverted, mean spirited and
pessimist, Estelle shadows her sister’s ups and downs in emotional adventures and always makes
fun of her little failures. From PMS, to sexuality, to job and school, this is the story of a young
woman’s insecurities on different topics and who awkwardly tries to take care of the situation. It is
the classic nice vs evil twin sister story. However, later in the season, the audience will slowly
discover the truth behind Estelle’s abusive pattern. From not talking to anyone else to no one
specifying her, Estelle’s real purpose of the show is a self-esteem persona of Emily, where she gets
her name. It is in her own will that she will become a better person and make Estelle a little bit
more pleasurable.
Character Bios:
*For the characters of Emily and Estelle, we are looking for either, someone who is willing to take
on the challenge of playing both characters, two sisters/twins, OR two individuals that have very
similar features.
Major Roles
*Emily: Emily is a 22-year-old literary student with not much to say. Introverted and kind of a nerd,
she suffers from anxiety and a very low self-esteem, often avoiding attacking first, but very kind and
helpful at heart.
*Estelle: Estelle is Emily’s twin sister. She is considered the evil twin because of her look and mean
spirit. She analyses her sister’s every move and will judge it from every perspective. She just wants
things to get done, and often use mental abusive to achieve that.
Nathaniel: Nathaniel is a 24-year-old part-time bartender. He has a very bubbly personality and
likes to make people laugh. His dorky personality makes it very easy for him to meet new people,
but he knows when it’s time to get down to business.
Minor Roles
Zane: A ‘’classy’’ womanizer, this 25 years old man will become Emily’s short-term boyfriend. He
looks like any other man and looks kind and receptive on the inside, but deeply, he only seeks the
benefits from the relationship. Will appear in episode 2.
Kurt: Around 23 years old. Doesn’t care much about his appearance. The only thing he wants is a
girl home to be impressed by his odd and youngster personality. He is the douchebag type.
Probably still live at his mom’s.
Ben: Mid 20’s, he is more the nerdy type. Friends of Zane, he was also pushed to be in the speed
dating. Heavy sweater, he is a very nervous man when around other people. He is more the
independent and introvert type.

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