Massive Casting Call Toronto!!


Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: See Post
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
-Short Film: Isolate
-Shooting Location: Toronto
-Director: Matt Joyce
-Audition Timeframe: See note below
-Audition Location: 65 Heward Avenue, Toronto
-Send Headshots, Demos
Audition timeframe/casting vs. shoot schedule: Casting for James, and any character who is in an exterior scene (list at the very bottom) has to be done ASAP. The story takes place in winter, so I have to get the exteriors done by late February, weather permitting. Approximately 3 days of shooting for exterior scenes. Difficult but not impossible. Interiors will be shot in March.
In-person auditions for James and Ron are necessary. Self-Tapes are completely fine for all other supporting and secondary cast.
Synopsis: James endures a breakup and flees his rural hometown and moves to Toronto without a plan. With no job, and no apartment he ends up sharing a one-bedroom apartment with Ron, a middle-aged man with OCD, who reminds him of who he could become if he’s not careful. James escapes, signing a lease to a studio apartment of his own, breaking the promise he made to himself – to not live alone.
James — male, 30-35, Caucasian, skinny, tall, naïve, impressionable, earnest
Ron — male, 45-50, any ethnicity, fit, tall, quiet, emotionless, jaded
Supporting Cast: Cast who are in 1-2 scenes with multiple lines
Father –60-65, Caucasian, tall, stoic
Mother –60-65, Caucasian, short, sensitive, frail
Devin –male, 30-35, any ethnicity, James’ friend from high school, confident, assertive, alpha
Dannie–female, 30-35, any ethnicity, Devin’s wife, fast processor, peppy, driven
Katherine –female, 25-30, Caucasian, British, James’ Tinder date, easy-going, down to earth
Alex— male, 30-35, any ethnicity, James’ friend from high school, cocky, alpha, joker
Amanda–female, 30-35, any ethnicity, Alex’s wife, bubbly, good listener, cares, asks questions
Greg— male, 30-35, Caucasian, James’ friend from high school, soft-spoken, intellectual
Uber driver–male, 20-25, South American, grateful, calm, polite
Landlord— male, 40-50, any ethnicity, stern, concerned, watchful
Secondary Cast: Cast who are in 1 scene with 1-2 lines
Rideshare driver –male, 40-45, middle-eastern, exuberate, cheerful
Mover–male, 30-40, any ethnicity, big guy, impatient
Landlord #2—female, 50-60, European, grouchy, indifferent
Waiter— male, 25-30, any ethnicity, tired, wants to go home
Street salesman–male, 20-25, any ethnicity, full of energy, persuasive
Pedestrians in conversation -those who echo James’ internal thoughts:
2 females, 25-30, any ethnicity –‘My boyfriend lost his job’ discussion
male/female couple, 25-30, any ethnicity –‘comparing yourself to others usually ends badly’
male/female couple, 20-25, any ethnicity –‘we’re breaking up in a park, but why?’
Background Performers: in 1 scene with
4 Rideshare passengers, male/female, 20-40, varying ethnicities
Concierge, male, 25-30, any ethnicity
Animals: 1 short scene, the owner must be present.
Dog –Chocolate or Blonde Labrador, or Golden Retriever
The cast who are in an exterior scene:
Mother (voice only)
Uber driver
Rideshare drive & 4 Rideshare passengers (BG)
Street salesman
All Pedestrians in conversation:
2 females ‘My boyfriend lost his job’ discussion
male/female couple ‘comparing yourself to others usually ends badly’
male/female couple ‘we’re breaking up in a park, but why?’

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