Los Angeles Casting Call for Volunteer Project


Job Position(s): Actor and Actress
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 18 - 28
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: March 27
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union

Casting call

Short Film Thriller/Drama/Horror

Non union/Unpaid

Hello. I’m looking for actors and actresses to be in my short film. This is unpaid but I will provide food. Filming date is 3/27/2020 in Westwood Los angeles.

In her junior year of College Ava gets passion for becoming a professional Tennis player at the same time she falls in love with Mark. Jessica, a close friend of Ava. Jessica, the person who is teaching Ava Tennis, reveals to Ava that Mark is a playboy and they used to be in the relationship in high school but the break up after one month when Jessica found out Mark cheated on her. Ava ignores Jessica, for all of her claims about Mark to be her Ex Boyfriend. When Ava waits for Mark at the park to come to meet her, Ava sees a person in a black suit standing at children ‘s playground wearing a mask and carrying rope then running away. When Ava called Mark’s phone his phone was ringing at the children’s playground. Ava went to the children ‘s playground and found Mark Strangling to death.

Ava:(female, lead, age 18+25) a college student who become interested Tennis. but later she found her self in the relationship with the Ex of her friend Jessica.

Jessica:(female,lead,age 18+27. this character
Must be ok with Nude) Ava Tennis coach and a friend of Ava. Cool person who wanted Ava to have good Tennis Career. Jessica, become Enemy to Ava once when she found out Ava is dating her Ex boyfriend Mark.

Mark:(male,supporting, age 18+28) Jessica Ex boyfriend who started to date Ava. Mark get killed at park by Mask person

Peter:(male,supporting, age 18+25) Jessica brother. young man with crush on Ava but he always getting rejected by Ava. later he reveal him to Ava as Mask man.

If any one is interested please email me your headshot and resume.

To apply for this job email your details to Mongathegreatfilm@gmail.com

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