Lead Speaking Roles in Atlanta

Black Jacket Film

Job Position(s): Actors and Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 25 - 35
Project Type: Film
Job Date: April 22 - 26
Compensation: $250/day
Union Status: Non-Union

Dates: April 22 – 26
Location: Atlanta, GA
Compensation: $125/day (Supporting) – $250/day (Lead)

Open to all in the US.
Travel & lodging compensation NOT compensated.

GENRE: Horror Comedy

LOGLINE: A reserved young man healing from a break up is allured by a mysterious and intense woman who has only one interest – to steal his hoodie.


25 to 35 years old, dark-skinned Black female. Natural Hair. When Qaseem sets his eyes on her, he’s done for. Robyn is a fine wine & hoodie connoisseur. She is an alluring predator with weapon-like eyes and a smile to die for. Everyone is a moth to her flame. Seductive, witty, and intense. Comfortable with her body. Can go from mysterious to maniacal in .2 seconds

25 to 35 years old, Black male. Fit. Bearded. A professional millennial with smooth and reserved energy. Commands attention without trying but doesn’t need to be the center of it. Handsome, charismatic, confident, and charming. Has a healthy sense of humor. Is newly single and isn’t sure if he’s ready to mingle until he meets a mysterious woman that changes his mind.

25 to 35 years old, Black male. Jalen is Qaseem’s right-hand man and fun-loving confidant. He has a big personality and is always down to be the life of the party. Gregarious and emphatic. Quippy, crass, funny, and good-natured.

25 to 35 years old, Black female. Qaseem and Jalen’s friend that talks them out of bad decisions and gives them sound advice. An earthy, intuitive, and highly-sensitive nurturer. Unpretentious, opinionated, sophisticated, and warm.

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To apply for this job email your details to robynhoodfilm@blackjacketfilmworks.com