Need Production Assistant: Commercial Shooting April 22 – 25 – PAID

Kapsule Productions

We’re shooting a commercial from April 22 – 25 in Los Angeles. We are just beginning the search for cast and crew so if this job isn’t for you, maybe one of our other postings will be a better fit.

The commercial is basic in premise so there’s no need to worry about long rainy days. It will take place in Los Angeles but we will never leave the city.

As a production assistant, you will basically be a paid intern. You will need to do several different tasks depending on what’s going on that day. Responsibilities include; getting coffee, picking up gear/cast, being an extra, getting release forms, helping out other departments, etc. Please be ready and able to do any task presented to you. Note that we will never ask you to do anything dangerous.

Please message us at the link below and we will get back to you with more details after checking out your profile.

To apply for this job please visit