I’m working on the trailer for my new comedy,

“SHE RUFFS ME! (The Right Way)” (c)

that’s about this man finding out, late in life,

after years of marriage that he married the wrong

woman, the wrong, “type” of woman, this Cat Woman.

He’s at a loss for what to do as he goes for a walk

in Stanley Park, and is surprised by this wild beast

that chases and hunts him down, that has him, “treed”.

It’s then his body’n’soul tell him he’s finally found his

type, in this howling, gnashing, hot’n’hairy Werewolf!

This film, of course, is a satire on men and women

being cats’n’dogs…and finding, True Love.

Looking for crew and actresses to play the two

women in his life.

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