Cast needed for short film Aug 10 – 19th (Exact days TBA after crew availability)


I am a screenwriter from Portland that has come here to Leesburg, VA to shoot an indie film with my friend. This is a Non-Sag film. There will be no pay. You will receive credit in the movie, food and drink on set, a link to the finished film, and a copy of the DVD if we go that route.

Theme: Loving yourself for who you are, and not what others want you to be.

This movie follows Sarah as she learns what true beauty looks like by finding the beauty within herself, and by learning to love herself for who she is she is allowing others the ability to love her too.

You will find the extremes Sarah goes through to look prettier and lose weight are things you have tried and done before making this movie realistic. The fact that women, and men, deal with the issue of weight and acceptance everyday makes this movie’s theme all that more important for our times.

We are looking to have auditions this Wednesday and are looking for the following actors/actresses:

SARAH (Protagonist) – 30’s , overweight (Looking for around size 14/16/18 if possible. Will consider others but must be overweight).

Sarah is a single lady who is insecure with herself. She tries desperately to fit into what she believes the social norm of being pretty looks like so that she can get a boyfriend. Her idea of beauty is wearing expensive clothes and slathering on her makeup. She feels she is keeping up with a model’s look until one day she over hears people making fun and how sad it is that someone her size tries to look like them (beautiful girls). Her friends try to cheer her up by taking her clothing shopping (one of her favorite past times), but when she has trouble finding clothes that look good and fit she decides to go on a diet.

KAMI – 30’s female, asian, in-shape to few extra pounds.
Kami is one of Sarah’s best friends. Kami and Jessica have large roles in the movie behind Sarah. They are Sarah’s support team.

JESSICA – 30’s female, black, in-shape to few extra pounds.
Jessica is one of Sarah’s best friends. Jessica and Kami have large roles in the movie behind Sarah. They are Sarah’s support team.

MARK (Antagonist) – 30’s male, white, In-shape.
Mark is one of the reasons that Sarah starts her journey to losing weight. She believes that he will only see her if she is skinnier since being her current size hasn’t got any responses from him. Mark is the largest male role.

WOMAN ONE – 20-30’s female, any race, in-shape, fits the hotness factor.
Women One is the main instigator of the making fun of Sarah at the Inciting Incident of the movie.

WOMAN WAXER – 18+ female, any race, in-shape.
Woman Waxer talks to Sarah briefly during the movie during the wax session.

20 – 30’s Males and Females of all sizes and shapes. Some extra roles do require you to be using gym equipment like weights, treadmill, etc.

If you don’t fit any of these roles you can still submit your info since a few more roles may be added.

To be considered for a role please send a headshot and full body shot (with form fitting clothes). It needs to be form fitting clothes, so we can see your body style. It is important part of the movie the size of the characters. If you are chosen to audition you will be sent an email with the time and location of the audition on Wednesday. It will take place in Leesburg, VA vicinity.

Shooting date will be decided after talking to all the main actors, but we will start shooting no earlier then Friday Aug 10th and our last day to shoot will be Sunday Aug 19th. 90% of the shooting will take place in Leesburg, VA.

The final shooting schedule will depend on the casts availability. If you could play one of the above characters and cannot be at the Wednesday audition please still reply. We can meet up with you another at a better time for you.

Please only respond if you can be prompt, come prepared, and want to have fun.

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