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Camera/Director (‘Blind Spot’)

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Seeking an available and enthusiastic Director of Photography, or Camera Operator, Director, for a ‘mostly volunteer’ 90-min feature in South California, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside. I’ve done many productions as a Producer and screenwriter, my credits and accomplishments are online, *just ask. This is something I’ve put together as a way-low, way-no budget crime-thriller, that takes place ‘all in cars’, (or as much as possible). Known as BLIND SPOT, it’s about a fireworks show professional on a long road-trip to his new gig, who is intimidated by drug-gangs and criminals along the way. Sort of like Spielberg’s ‘Duel’ (1978, with Dennis Weaver), a ‘road trip from hell’ story. I have two of the lead roles cast for qualified talent I have worked with in the past, the story is detailed in a four page outline. As a producer, I only need the bare-minimum for mounted car-cams, interior cars, GoPro types and drone cams, some of which I have. I use USB Lav Mics for each actor to solve sound problems in post-edit. So, a dedicated camera person, who maybe wants to direct, or run Cinematographer, Director of Photography, write your own ticket. Other details. Serious only please, Dates would probably be weekends through October, Nov. and Dec. Locations and settings are back roads and open areas in Southern California. Thanks. Happy film-making.

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