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BLIND SPOT – casting these roles/characters

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‘Blind Spot’ is a Community Film Project, seeking talented actors or others for some remaining roles. This is a ‘mostly all volunteer’ group project, so if you’re an acting talent, a drama student, or would like to be, please send a photo and your experience/background. All participation by Written-Permission/Release. Copy-credit and revenue participation available. Some stipend daily $ possible. No guarantee implied or intended, but we’re moving ahead. Three main lead roles are cast. Take a look, if it’s for you, get in touch. Thanks. Peace-Ahimsa

Blind Spot: about a professional fireworks show expert, who is on a long-drive to his next gig and finds himself intimidated by a drug gang.

Roles Needed: *remaining available

DIMS: male, ethnic/Caucasian, or ? about age 30-years. Fit-athletic-sleazy. Dims is as heroin-addict and mostly homeless, seduced by a desert-area drug gang as a new recruit. He and WINNY were trying to reach a promised job in San Francisco, when their car breaks down in the Phoenix area. ‘Bad guy’. Numerous scenes and dialogue.

UNCLE LAN: male, Caucasian or ? about age 50 years or older. He is lead-role SAMMY NUCKS Uncle, who advises Sammy to be cautious about the trucking company hauling his fireworks/explosives and launchers from New Mexico, for accusations of drug-smuggling against them.

ATTORNEY: male, Caucasian or ? Mature-age or adult. May substitute for female talent. Role is that of Sammy’s legal help on his fireworks shows, especially in the area of Safety Compliance. In the film, Sammy calls his attorney repeatedly, complaining of being terrorized by gangs on the road.

JODIE: male, Caucasian or ? About age 20 to 25 years. Jodie is homeless on-the-road, and ends up car-jacking Sammy’s sedan early in the film, at gun-point. Major dirt-bag character.

EXTRA GANG-MEMBERS: tough adult males or females, back up lead bad-guy (*already in casting); also walk-on’s for MECHANIC, WAITRESS or WAITER. Other roles may be available.

Talent are signed-up based on availability and skill or suitable for the parts. All talent are expected to complete the shoots and schedule if possible, to maintain work-standards for behavior, to work as a team, etc. Contract-agreement provided. There is no $-pay offered at this time, we may find minor funding, and I like all cast-crew to have food-snacks, small stipend $, gas, etc. All cast-crew receive DVD copy of the finished film, screen credit, first-up preference for ideas/concepts/needs/goals, and wrap-party, screening, any-all promotional, etc. Revenue from BLIND SPOT, such as DVD Distribution, or other, is also by written-agreement, and can include the entire group on a percentage basis.

You can learn more about Writer-Producer Julian Phillips online at IMDb, or my business website.

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