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BLIND SPOT is  ‘guerilla’ indy film-making.  My productions seek to have a happy cast and crew, with stipend pay at least, food, credit-copy, and down-the-road revenue by written agreement. This is an ‘all in cars’ crime-thriller. From a production point-of-view, I came up with a story I like that is supposed to take place ‘all in cars’, or ‘mostly all in cars’. Southern California, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles back-roads, open areas, side-roads, highways, markets and lots. The story is about a fireworks show professional who is intimidated by drug gangs on a long road-trip to his next show. No difficult FX or stunts. Right now I need volunteer camera, tech, light-and-sound, especially car-mounted, interior cars, GoPro, Drone-Cam. Later I will need an editor, and hopefully music composer for original songs. Two lead roles are cast with quality talent, about five main-lead roles. We need two cars and a motorcycle, some other. With the right bunch this film could be knocked out in about ten days, or a series of weekend shoots (late Oct-Nov-Dec.). I work mostly as writer-producer, so the door is open for a passionate Director, or other. Some of my feature films have been released with successful DVD Distributors; you can find my features on Netflix, and Youtube Movie Channels with more than 85,000 views. I also have some out-standing B-list celebrity talent in the wings, and of course no money to spend on these joys. BLIND SPOT could also use about $5K in general funds, if that’s you let me know, write your own ticket. Send a note, l’m easy, but even my small deals go down as a professional thing with no-harm-no-foul standards. I enjoy the work and the people and I’m fairly decent at management, etc. It’s a thing of building credits, and enjoying the low-low-low-budget process. Serious only. No guarantee implied or intended. All details available.

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