Film Reading

Job Position(s): Reading
Project Type: Film
Job Date: October 30th
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
Herzukious Productions proudly presents
A dark comedy that looks at the themes of friendship and sacrifice.
Written by Tony Porteous
You Guys Kill Me
Who Would You Sacrifice To Achieve Your Desires?
That is the question that Marcus,Sarah and Snog have to answer when they summon the devil to make their dreams come true.The devil however has other ideas and he refuses to grant any wishes without a human sacrifice. Will the three Summoners fall into temptation and commit the ultimate sacrilege to gain their hearts desires?Or will the devil be frustrated in his attempt to add three more souls to his ever expanding collection.
Here’s what we are looking for:
SNOG (20s) Open to all ethnicities
He hopes to someday make it big with his band as the greatest punk band in the world. Usually he is always listening to music on his i-pod and is usually banging his head to something or other. Snog is in secret an organic nut and chooses if possible to eat something all natural and has a flask with natural fruit juice in it. He tries to play tough but in reality he is softhearted and doesn’t believe in violence.
SID (40s-60s) Open to all ethnicities
Sid is the bar owner of the club that Sarah works….at. Sid Sanders is a man with a criminal record for solicitation, narcotics trafficking and pimping. Sid always kept his eye open for young talent and was soon able to get a steady stable of prostitutes of varying ages from sixteen up. Sid has a tendency to get drunk on his days off and takes it out on the girls. When drunk Sid doesn’t take no for an answer and always goes to “check a girls ID” when he is drunk and aroused. He has a history of violence and has no problem getting blood on his hands to get what he wants.
SARAH (20s): Black female
Sarah has had a rough life. Tomboyish. She is a party girl that loves Goth music. She has done some things she is not proud of, but she does what she has to survive. Even around her friends her demeanour should be guarded only showing vulnerability on occasions
Read time roughly 136 min with a 15 minute intermission
this script was written for the stage,a couple of years ago. Since then it has been re-edited and tweaked to be on the silver screen.
I am excited and privileged to have it presented as a live screen reading.
Reading will be held on October 30th at 8pm EST on Facebook live
If interested please submit a headshot and resume.
No pay just a fun time doing what we love. If we all agree to record the reading you will be given a copy.
Happy Halloween wee everybody!

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