Extras Needed for New Halloween Movie


Job Position(s): Extras
Project Type: Feature Film
Job Date: See Post
Compensation: See Post

The next chapter of the Halloween saga is ramping up for production in the Wilmington area and there are casting calls out for area locals that would love to work as paid movie extras on set. Wilmington’s Tona Dalquist Casting is handling extras for the movie whose working title is “Mob Rules.”

The movie is casting extras of all ages.  They will be needing 100’s of paid extras in all age groups from kids to seniors.

The horror masters at Blumhouse Production is behind this one and will be bringing back Michael Myers and Laurie. The Halloween franchise was rebooted in 2018 and announced that the new chapters in the Michael Myers slasher franchise will be a trilogy. According to Bloody Disgusting, The next 2 movie are being called Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. The report stated that the next 2 films will be filmed back to back and John Carpenter also seemed to confirm the titles of the 2 upcoming films as well as his own involvement in the projects.  John Carpenter has been involved in quite a few Halloween movie including the original Halloween back in the 1970’s.

David Gordon Green is said to be returning for both “Halloween Kills” and the final movie in the series, “Halloween Ends.” The 2018 movie saw Jamie Lee Curtis return to the Halloween franchise and reprise her character. Credited writers on “Halloween Kills” are Gordon Green along with with Danny McBride and Scott Teems.

According to Production Weekly, “Halloween Kills” will be filming in Wilmington, NC beginning in mid September and that the sequel’s working title is, in fact, “Mob Rules”. The movie will be filming into the fall and is currently expected to hit movie theaters in mid October of 2020.

Interested in the casting call? Read on…

MOB RULES (Wilmington)JUST IN..Will be needing 3 NEW 1978 NEIGHBORS & 5 NEW TRICK OR TREATERS ON MONDAY 9/30.
REMINDER -ALL NIGHT FILMING. Could be arriving at 6 pm and filming until 6:30 AM.
Neighbors should have 70’s hair and look…Hoping for some unique and interesting faces.
Trick or Treaters should be SHORTER teens (with parent’s permission) or 18 and older that can pass as kids/teens trick or treating.
We will be sending out avail messages to many of you already in the files. Check your email later today and thru out the weekend for other filming request.
SUBMISSIONS and AVAIL messages (if already on file) should be sent to ncmoviecasting@gmail.com with heading 9/30 NEIGHBORS/TRICK OR TREAT.
If not already on file, please include 2 current photos (close up and full length) Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight,Clothing Sizes, Description of visible tattoos and piercings.

Mob Rules (Wilmington) REMINDERS -We are currently filming ALL NIGHTERS This week and Next Week. UPDATES…The following Extra Roles will be photo approved/selected by Director or Assistant Director.

ANYONE filming a 1978 Flashback scene. Make sure you are submitting your best 70’s hair photo.
3 1978 Neighbors, (9/27 & 9/30)
5 Trick or Treaters (short and slender 18 & older that can portray kids) (9/27 & 9/30)
8 1978 Police Officers (think Chips Cops) (10/4)
2 Forensic Team (10/4)

ALSO – All Modern Day Cops & EMTs.,
Reminder Cop, Forensic and EMT’s should be REAL/ACTUAL or Previous Cops or EMTs.
10 Cops and 2 Emts (10/2)
8 Modern Day Cops (10/4)
3 Featured Tough Guys. (10/1, 10/4, 10/21
10 additional Toughies (10/1, 10/14 and 6 on 10/21)

We plan to submit a round of photos later this afternoon for them to select from. If you have yet to submit your avail, please do such ASAP.
If you have already submitted for these request, you do NOT need to resubmit.
SUBMISSIONS and Avail messages (if already on file for this project) should be sent with heading being the request you are submitting for. EXAMPLE -10/4 COP.
New submissions should include 2 Current Photos (close up and full length) Name, Phone, Age, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Description of visible tattoos and experience as cop or met if submitting for those request.

MOB RULES (Wilmington, NC) Needed for filming FRI. 9/27 & MON. 9/30. Must be able to attend a fitting this WED. 9/25.ALL NIGHT FILMING. (This means possible late afternoon Call time, filming past midnight and into am hours ..depending on how long it takes to film your scenes or how long/late you are needed). Example 5 PM – 5 AM

3 Neighbors with 1978 Hair and look -ALL RACES.
5 Trick or Treaters -MUST be 18 and over. Seeking very Short and Small Frame build Males and Females (18-20 or so) that can portray KID treat or treaters. ALL RACES.

If your photos and ALL information has already been submitted for this project, you can send an avail message with name and that you are on file.
IF YOU HAVE YET TO SUBMIT photos and required information, please include the following:
2 Current photos (close up and full length) Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight,Clothing Sizes, Shoe Size, Description of visible tattoos and piercings.

SUBMISSIONS and Avail messages should be sent with heading 9/27, 9/30 AVAIL.

MOB RULES (Wilmington, NC) Seeking 3 FEATURED TOUGH GUYS. Pay Rate 125/10.
1 Caucasian Male, 1 Asian Male & 1 African American Male.
Will be Photo Selected by the Director.
MUST be available 3 Filming Dates (10/1, 10/14 & 10/21 -dates of course are always subject to change).

SUBMISSIONS must include the following: 2 CURRENT PHOTOS (close up and full length). These photos must reflect your current hair, facial hair and body build. Also included should be Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight,Complete Clothing Sizes, Description of visible tattoos and piercings.

SUBMISSIONS should be sent with heading 3 TOUGH GUYS.
Please do NOT submit if not available the 3 dates listed. Anyone selected should be local to Wilmington area or within a short driving distance. Will be considered a local extra hire. No travel expenses will be paid.


Tona B. Dahlquist Casting (Iron Man 3, The Hunger Games) is
currently seeking those interested in working as Extras on the upcoming movie
“Mob Rules”

  • ALL Ages (Children -Seniors) ALL Types & Races are needed!
  • ALL Extras will be Paid.
  • Must be local to Wilmington, NC or surrounding area or willing to work as a local Extra Hire. Hundreds of Extras are needed!

In addition to General Extras, Casting is also seeking some other specific needs for filming:
Those with mid 60’s -70’s Vehicles. Submit with heading VINTAGE VEHICLE. Modern day vehicles are also needed and should be included in the General Extra submission emails.
Those currently working as or with previous actual work experience as Police Officers, Medical Personnel (Doctors, Nurses, Surgical Staff, ER Staff), EMT/Paramedics, Fire Fighters.

Submit with heading request you are submitting for. Examples: POLICE OFFICER, EMT,..

  • Identical Triplets (Males or Females 18 years and older).
  • Submit with heading TRIPLETS.
  • Ventriloquist (must have their own puppet) Submit with heading VENTRILOQUIST.

SUBMISSIONS should sent with heading for general extras to be Age, Ethnicity Gender, City/State you reside (example -38, Asian Male, Wilmington, NC)


2 CURRENT Photos (close & full-length) which can be taken with a cellphone, Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Description of visible tattoos and piercings, color/make/model/year vehicle (modern day vehicles are also needed).

Here are a few more notes from the casting team:

All extras must be willing to film as a local extras hire.

Some Extras may hear from us in the next few weeks.. Others may not hear from us until October. This depends on the scenes we may be considering you for and where it falls in our filming schedule.

Some extras may be required to attend fittings. Examples -those wearing uniforms or vintage attire.

A typical filming day is easily 12 hours. Some extras may may film during day hours. Some filming days may be splits. This means half day/half night filming (Example could be 11am -11 pm). Other filming dates may be all nighters. (Example arriving at 5 pm and filming until 6 am).

To apply for this job email your details to ncmoviecasting@gmail.com

Always use caution and do your due diligence before sharing private information. While we do check every job, we are not affiliated with the recruiters.
If this posting seems off, please report it to us!