Hiring remote EDITOR for feature Documentary. Adobe products only. No Final cut editors. We start September 17th!

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“The One Constant,” is a Documentary chronicling his own journey to find his long-lost Grandfather before the start of the annual Father and Son Baseball World Series, before it’s too late.

This film has it all. Strong characters with all three having separate Goals, Tons of Drama, a Subplot, a NASA Connection, a Spiritual Element, everything but a love story. It’s not “Gone with the wind”, but I think its an award winning Documentary. Watch the trailer, link below, and decide for yourself.

I started shooting 7 years ago and haven’t shot anything in years. I edited the trailer, link below, nearly 4 years ago.

I did some fundraising back then and have been sitting on the footage because of medical issues over the last four years. Youre probably wondering what happened, right? Well, its actually part of the story, since a my Goal in the film was to just be happy. First, my Dad nearly died on the operating table. My lifelong depression with to another level. And I just sat here for a few years going through the motions.

Then, I found out I have a rare, genetic blood disorder, which, caused me to not get certain vitamins and my lifelong problems started making sense.

I got on a dedicated vitamin regimen and was better in 3 days! No more Depression or problems and I have even written an Ebook to help other people.

I’m looking for somebody who wants that editor credit on IMDb, and to jumpstart their career. Also, I need a 2nd set of eyes for better editorial judgement, since this story is mainly about me.

You must have previous experience as a assistant editor, producer, or similar and must have knowledge of the editing process and writing process. Documentary or reality show experience preferred. Stringout experience a must. Perfect for a former intern or AE who wants the glory and has the chops.

You must be:

Extremely Organized
Have Screenplay experience and mastery of the 3 Act Structure – Yes, Save the Cat, counts!
Positive and Happy.
A Polished Adobe product User – No Final Cut or Avid unfortunately.
Dedicated to your craft.
A Way with Words. Meaning you have a gift with structuring prose that works to tell a story. FrankenBite experience might work too.
6-8 weeks of a clear Schedule and a Drive to tell stories in the film business at all costs.

Must have reel and references.

You will have me as an Full-time Assistant Editor to help you. I know every second of footage and have all plot points already mapped out on paper, plus 95% of the footage has been transcribed. All you have to do is watch the 40 hours of footage, we put the selects on a timeline and knock out the Rough, Fine, and Final edits in 6-8 weeks.

You can live in the USA or anywhere outside of the United States or in the United States, and we will work together via webcam and identical hard drives on Adobe Premiere Pro – It doesn’t have to be CC.

I prefer someone who is in a time zone that’s close to the United States Central Time Zone (Mexico, South America, or Canada), but would consider someone in a Europe time zone if we can sink up a good time slot. Must speak fluent English and have fast internet!

Instead of working remotely, I am also open to living together for this time period to the right person. I would need a little more time to prepare and save up some money to find the right place. I actually got that idea from the recently released “Minding the Gap” documentary – they lived together in Santa Monica for two months, while they edited. Check out how they did it, here – https://filmmakermagazine.com/104249-we-cut-countless-versions-of-this-scene-editors-bing-liu-and-joshua-altman-on-minding-the-gap/#.W4gk5s5Kgnk

You must commit to the full 6-8 weeks to complete this project. If you have a full time job or school, right now, this might not be for you. I don’t want someone who commits to the project and then quits all the sudden. If you have to complete an internship for film school, this project might work. I would accept that person if they are the right fit.

Here is the catch.

I have no money for immediate pay and the film is actually set up as a 501c3 non-profit. I haven’t worked since I have been sick and have had to move back home. I’m better now but still catching up!

What I do have is a potentially special film and I can offer you the one and only Editor credit, deferred payment with preferred distribution rights, Film Festival experience, and when we get this thing done, I’ll give you all the glory for coming along and helping me, in the press that I eventually do for the campaign (I have previously done stories with ABC and FOX.)

We will sign a detailed contract regarding the deferred money. Payment is $500 – $2000 a week DOE, and then you will be paid before I even pay myself. You’re getting preferred distribution! You get paid first…before myself and the investors. Ive spoken to them and got the go ahead to pay you first!

I think the film will make some money, not sure how much just yet, but I think it will make enough to het everyone paid back. The incentive is there for us to edit a good film, sell it, and potentially make yourself $16K!

I’ve worked with the Austin film festival for years as a host and presenter and the first thing I would do is pull you up on stage after screening to answer Audience questions with me. And a second thing I would do is put you in contact with all of the other directors and producers that I meet at all these festivals, so you can get more editing work! Who knows, maybe that’s an article about us in moviemaker magazine!

I know this process works. I hired a student camera guy, based on a youtube video he uploaded, that I randomly watched, flew him out 7 years ago to film for a few days, then made him my DP, and he has since gone on to form his own production company, after graduating. So, if you are questioning this model, dont. There are some projects that the deferred payment option works for and you can build a career on. Most of them are junk but, this is one of those hidden gem projects that will payoff!

I would also consider giving a “Producer Credit” to the right person and potentially giving your company a Production Company credit. You must still help with editing, however. I do have a few pick up interviews to do you could help me produce. Also, I can give you a writing credit of needed.

Not to mention, I will start shooting another Doc directly when this one is finished, so there will be more opportunities to work together. I also have three major distributors waiting to see the final film. One being Sony, so there is interest. Just got to get it done!

This is a unique chance to start your career as a real editor and eventually start making a great salary, if you really have the skills.

The film is on IMDb right now but under the old title name, “The Baseball Bond,” and there are two editors listed, but it will be just your name, once we finish it. If you are interested, check out the trailer, website, and other videos below. I am also advertising this job all over the internet, so you better jump on this fast. Hiring someone within the week.

Are you in?


Contact me anytime via FB or email, use reply link above, to set up an interview. This post will be removed after hiring.

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