Interactive Virtual Reality October 9 – November 15th

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Job Position(s): Actress
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 40-50
Project Type: Interactive Virtual Reality Prototype
Job Date: October 9 - November 15th
Compensation: $200/day
Union Status: Non-Union

About Personable.AI / DreamCrafters:

It’s no secret that great relationships are crucial for personal well-being and happiness. Acceptable social norms, culture, and professional behavior are changing faster than ever before, leaving little room for social mistakes. Yet, there’s no good way to practice soft skills without suffering negative consequences. Using A.I. humans, we allow users to practice difficult interactions in Virtual Reality. Join us on our mission to make the world more personable. We are an early stage startup current in stealth mode. You must be in the Greater Vancouver Area and able to meet in-person.

Job Type:

Non-Union – Non Commercial – Prototype – Paid – Part Time


Brandy – 40-50 – Female – Black A middle-aged woman who is a communications director. A driven, career woman who takes pride in her work.

Brandy is at her company’s day-long all-staff meeting and has just stepped away from the
podium and off of the stage where she has been facilitating the entire convening, including speaking at key points in the agenda. She is vying for a Director of Communications promotion and her boss, the Chief Communications Officer, assigned her to build and lead the agenda, content, speakers, and a few of the presentations with the promise that if all went well, she would step into the Director role on their Corporate Communications team.

As Brandy walks across the meeting room at the hotel, several co-workers congratulate her and reassure her of a job well-done. Brandy sees the look of hope and expectation as they give her a nod or a high-five: She will be one of the first Black women promoted into leadership in the organization, and in a highly visible role. Brandy walks over to her table to get a sip of water and to review her notes and timing for the remaining agenda items.

At this moment another employee named Justin, a white, cisgender, heterosexual male approaches Brandy. Justin is more junior in level, but has been promoted every 3-6 months, and most have lost track of the roles he has had. A family friend of the CEO, everyone in the organization tiptoes around Justin, including HR, as he has directly and indirectly threatened his co-workers’ jobs, taken credit for their work, and made micro-aggressive, prejudiced, biased, and even discriminatory comments.

As Justin walks over to Brandy, she says to herself, “Whew, take a deep breath, Queen. Not even Justin can take this moment from you; you’re rockin’ it. Just be professional and
polite, and keep it moving. Who knows? He may even be over here to say somethin’ nice.”
Brandy greets Justin with a warm smile that slowly fades when he smirks at her and says,
“Wow, Brandy, who knew you were so articulate…? I had no idea you were actually a decent presenter.”

Further Info:

This is a part-time position, based on pre-scheduled days/hours. You must be in the Greater Vancouver Area and able to meet in-person at Metrotown. You will be working in a small group of one-two other people.”

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