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Job Position(s): Video Producer
Project Type: Videos
Job Date: Ongoing
Compensation: Paid
Union Status: Non-Union
The Digital Video Producer is a member of the Digital Visual Storytelling Unit and the Lifestyle News Digital Video Team.

The role is based out of the New York office, but candidates should be willing to work remotely during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We’re going to be honest – as rewarding as this job is, it’s hard. ABC News has incredibly high standards for content, and we run stories and the people who make these stories through their paces to make sure our audience is served at the highest, most accurate level. We are a part of a big news organization, but as a digital video team, we are consistently punching above our weight in the amount of content we produce, and the aspirations we have for our audience. The Digital Video Producer should embody the grit and determination it takes to work at a high level in a digital atmosphere.

Candidates should be natural communicators and understand the importance of good communication skills both on a story and on the team. They should thrive in a hard-charging, content heavy schedule environment, and be willing to pivot and shift as needed.

The Digital Video Producer must have a demonstrated track record of editorial excellence in the areas of lifestyle content, including, but not limited to: fashion, beauty, celebrity news, and health and wellness. In addition, the Digital Video Producer must be willing to produce content outside of the typical lifestyle lens.

This is not a daily news video role, nor is the role one that will cover primarily hard news topics.

Candidates must be data-driven producers with audience development experience who understand how videos work across different digital platforms, especially around O&O audiences. The producer must be willing to pivot away from their normal schedule to lift up cross-platform initiatives as needed.

This is a role for someone who wants to tell important stories, but also a professional who wants more than just a job, they want to be part of something bigger than work — they want to be part of a team unit. The Lifestyle News Video team places a strong importance on developing not just stories, but the skills, depth and range of each person on the team through discussion based meetings, brainstorms, regular 1:1s, and public presentations. Producing and editing skills should be a given, but out of all of the skills required for this job, one that is most important is a strong desire to work within a collaborative, team-driven environment. Teamwork is key, and the digital video producer must understand the role one plays as a member of a collective team.

The Digital Video Producer must have: exemplary communication skills, major league follow through abilities, an ability to ‘manage up’ and understand how to push through their goals, consistency in quality across every single project they touch, impeccable news judgement, strong planning skills, and an ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment. Preference to candidates who have the willingness to travel and are licensed to drive a vehicle as needed. The Digital Video Producer will be responsible for pitching one-off stories and developing new series and formats, particularly for mobile, while managing to audience growth targets on all of their projects.

The Digital Video Producer is responsible for every part of the video’s life, from the production guide to publishing, knowledge of CMS is a plus. The Digital Producer should be tech savvy.

The Digital Video Producer must have an ability to envision long term, brand moving initiatives. The Digital Video Producer will report to the Managing Editor of Lifestyle Video and will work closely with their deputy — the Coordinating Producer, other Producers, and Associate Producers on the team.


  • 5+ years in lifestyle or trending news digital video production
  • Comfortable working irregular hours — nights and weekends as necessary for video coverage
  • Proven ability to roll with the punches and continuous changes that come with producing content in a digital environment
  • A personal comfort with data and knowing how your work is performing on a regular basis
  • Ability to balance priorities, multiple projects and tasks with ease
  • Able to regularly use camera equipment + editing equipment for hours at a time
  • Able to lift gear and operate gear as a one-person band
  • Ability to shoot in the field or studio for long periods of time
  • Experience with all level of video edits, shoots, and pre-production processes
  • Ability to edit quickly and under pressure
  • Mastery of camera equipment
  • Wonderful interview skills for any booking — public figure or first time news figure
  • Proven track record producing for optimizing video for digital platforms, including O&O
  • Experience launching new digital video series and managing growth
  • Knowledge of AVID, and Adobe Premiere
  • Knowledge of Photoshop
  • Ability to create branded and sponsored content for the brand
  • Must hold a current driver’s license and be willing to be main vehicle operator in any traffic environment

Required Education

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.

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