Feature Film, Dec 2020: Need crew members


Job Position(s): production designer, sound engineer, SFX make up, costume designer
Project Type: feature film
Job Date: December 2020
Compensation: Low Budget
Union Status: Non-Union


Confused and shocked, Jay has no idea how he came to be on his knees in the front yard of his house holding a gun to his head. There is a dead body on the floor inside his apartment and the police are gathering. One of them calls out his name. Jay turns around but instead of seeing Detective Suarez he sees his sister, who died 6 months earlier. In his mind, Jay has twisted reality to such an extent that he cannot understand what has brought him to this moment. It will take the insight of Dr. Rivers, the psychologist who treated Jay’s sister, to unravel the trauma and fnd out what happened in that room. Under Dr. Rivers’ bidding, Detective Suarez plays along with Jay’s delusion pretending to be Jay’s sister Judie, in an attempt to create a connection to the unconscious part of his mind. Once there she will discover the dark secrets of his family that lay buried in his unconscious memory.

To apply for this job please visit marcobazzi.net.