Comedy Pilot in LA – Low Pay Casting Call


Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 25 - 40
Project Type: Pilot
Job Date: Sometime in July
Compensation: $100
Union Status: Non-Union


Hello, my name is Paige Williams and I am a recent graduate from Howard University shooting a situational comedy pilot. I am casting 5 main characters and supporting roles for a 4-5 day weekend shoot mid/end of July in Los Angeles. $100 flat rate for main characters and unpaid for supporting roles. Content for your reel, food, credit, and a very fun shoot are additional takeaways. Non- Union.

If interested, email to schedule an audition.


At Your Service is a 30- minute character-driven situational comedy that embraces the varying and larger than life personalities of 6 restaurant workers. The work environment is a chaotic one that brings love triangles, interesting customers, and insane scenarios. Naive, angry, ditsy, cynical, laid-back, and dramatic characters combine their unique qualities in an attempt to provide the best service in New York City. In hopes of one day serving their dream career, they first must serve in a nightmare, at this spectacle.

Character Bios:

[Rich] [GENDER:MALE] [AGE: 28-35]
Rich, a mama’s boy and macho man, struggles with his internal anger but is eager to overcome it. He is tough on the outside but sweet in the middle.

[Georgia] [GENDER: Female] [AGE: 20-25]
Georgia is a recent college graduate entering adult life. She is over the top, silly, ditsy, and very energetic.

[Nina] [GENDER: Female] [AGE: 25-30] [Middle Eastern/Arab]
Nina is unapologetic, cynical, resilient, and argumentative. She is the longest working employee at the restaurant but sometimes feels like she doesn’t belong.

[Dale] [GENDER: Male] [AGE: 35-40]
Dale is the manager of the restaurant and manages with a very laissez-faire attitude allowing things to take their own course. He is dramatic, an instigator, and a member of the LGBTQ+.

[Jay] [GENDER: Male] [AGE: 25-30] [Black]
Jay, the bartender, is a diamond in the rough at this establishment. He is nonchalant, practical, and may be the only sensible worker there.

*If not specified, all ethnicities are welcome*

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