Chicago Casting Call For Student Film!

Student Film

Job Position(s): Casting Call
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: Mid to Late September
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
TITLE: Goodbye, Goodbye
LOCATION: Chicagoland suburbs, near Elgin, IL.
TIME: Mid to late September, 2020.
SYNOPSIS: The film follows Penelope in her last hours before heading off to college.
Unfortunately considering it’s a no-budget ordeal it isn’t a paid job but it will allow for incredible footage to be added to an acting reel as well as gaining more on-set experience.
Penelope, 16-20 years old, any ethnicity
Our main protagonist – Penelope is a recent high school graduate that has a good heart. She’s a nostalgic type – she thinks a lot about her childhood and her surroundings, and is now faced with the hardships of saying goodbye to it all as she is now going off to college. She also recently had a falling out with her best friend since childhood and is forced to confront that as we see in the film. Her biggest struggle though is her inability to move on from her home life.
Penelope’s Mother, female, 40s-mid 50s, same ethnicity as Penelope
A working class single mom. Does her best to keep her cool that her firstborn is now leaving for college, but is seemingly having internal hardships dealing with this.
Heather Hillcoat, 16-20, any ethnicity
Penelope’s best friend since childhood. Had a fight with Penelope prior to the events of the film and is confronted by her in the film. She also had her struggle of her inability to move on, but has accepted that moving on is inevitable and it’s simply one of the charms of life.
Peter, male, 12-14, same ethnicity as Penelope and Penelope’s Mother
Penelope’s younger brother. He doesn’t fully understand the situation but acts like he does anyways. A middle school kid.
Mr. Frank Fitzpatrick, male, 40-55, Caucasian
Penelope’s neighbor. He’s on his roof fixing the TV antenna as he seemingly always is. He asks Penelope about college in a very brief scene.
  • inspired by such works as The Wonder Years, Lady Bird, and the ending of Toy Story 3.
  • has a very nostalgic feel to it.
  • will be written and directed by Julian Singer, email for previous projects by him.
We need video auditions (email for monologue) or reels sent in by 9/5/2020. We will be filming mid to late September depending on the availability of the talent. The filming will take place over two official days, though the adult talent will only be needed for one of them.

To apply for this job email your details to