Casting Talent for Upcoming UPA Feature Film

Native Saints

Job Position(s): Casting Call
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 20 - 70
Project Type: Feature Film
Job Date: Early to Mid September
Compensation: Please Contact
Union Status: Non-Union
LA based production company casting talent for an upcoming sci-fi thriller. Filming will take place beginning to mid September in Charlotte, NC.
PROJECT TYPE: Feature Film (Non-Union)
FILMING DATES: Early to mid Sept (TBD)
RATE: Email for information
SYNOPSIS: River is a psychological sci-fi thriller that follows River Allen, a young woman who searches for her identity. Her mother’s death causes her to emotionally spiral out of control, losing all sense of purpose. After disappearing for over a week with no recollection of how she got home, nightmares begin to play on repeat, internally taunting her. For the most part, River believes that she has lost her mind, but soon begins to learn the darker secrets to her past and present. River’s best friend Amanda Banks guides her on her journey of self-discovery and quickly discovers Amanda has secrets of her own. When River is faced with the truth about herself, does she like what she sees?
***Auditions will take place via self-tape
***Please submit a headshot, reel, resume and slate to with the title of the role name you would like to audition for.
***Guidelines for slate: Talk straight to camera, introduce yourself with your name, height, the city where you are based and include your rep info if you have one. Please include a full body shot.
***Talent Must be local or willing to travel to NC.
***All talent will be tested for COVID prior to filming and required to follow strict safety protocols.
NOTE: Applicants without the above criteria will not be considered for audition.
Callbacks will be announced Thursday 8/20 after 12:00pm
Role: LOIS
Shooting days: 1
Gender: FEMALE
Age: 40-50
Wardrobe: Modern middle-class
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Description: Ethereal, Free spirited, gentle yet fierce, warm.
Breakdown: Lois is a single mother to her red-headed daughter, River, whom she had at the ripe age of 17. Lois often comes off as relaxed with an underlining hint of mystery. Their bond is undeniably magical. Inevitably she leads River to finding the truth about her father and who she really is.
Submission type: Self tape
Shooting days: 5
Gender: MALE
Age: 60-70
Wardrobe: Eccentric, bohemian style
Description: Former burner, eccentric, Boisterous, Kind and a good listener.
Breakdown: Beloved local therapist to a small country town, although a bit on the eccentric side, he is the trusted confidant to the majority of the civilians, but to River, he is her last bit of non-blood related grandfather like figure. He takes pride in his small rustic country store that River works at. His mind becomes the target of easy prey as he gets taken advantage of.
Submission type: Self tape
Shooting days: 1
Gender: MALE
Age: 40-50
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Wardrobe: Blade Runner- Ryan Gosling style
Description: Striking, dangerous, prideful
Breakdown: River thinks of her father as the English man, a kinder way of saying he’s a sperm donor. To her, he’s never made an effort to be in her life until recently. Following the death of his daughter’s mother, Lois, he feels it is his finally time to show his face. To River’s friends, he is the estranged father and is a mystery. What River doesn’t know, is that he has been wanting to take her home for a very long time. However, River’s powers protect her from being found, that is, until the spell is broken. Now Gabriel has come back and he is not from this world.
Submission type: Self tape
Shooting Days: 6
Gender: MALE
Age: 20-28
Wardrobe: Parisian casual
Ethnicity: Black
Description: Loyal, witty, touch of vanity. Classy and undeniably charming with an artistic style
Breakdown: Jamie is the local heartthrob, but his eye is on one girl, River, his younger sister’s best friend. Although she broke up with him and he is now engaged to another woman, his heart belongs to River and River alone. Men want to imitate his Parisian artistic street style, but he’s the only one in this sleepy town who can get away with it.
Submission type: Self tape

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