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Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various
Project Type: Project
Job Date: November 19
Compensation: $150
Union Status: Union

CASTING CALL for SAG (!!!) Background Actors (new medial):

when: 11/19/2019

where: Los Angeles

rate: $150/10hrs

We are looking for five individuals to fill in our DMV waiting room cast. We are looking for people that have a memorable look. Something unique or quirky that helps them instantly jump off the screen. There will people 4 people waiting, and one additional person that is working at the DMV.

DMV employee:

Male or Female:


Open to all races and ethnicities.

This employee is so over it. The long hours, the guests coming in with missing documents. Glasses, dorky sweater, a bit of a disheveled feel over all.


Male or Female

18+ (but looks like 16)

Open to all races and ethnicities

New Driver is waiting at the DMV in hopes of getting their driver’s license. They still have their baby face, freshly combed hair, and hope in their eyes, as they wait to get the freedom that comes along with being able to drive. Braces are fun and or funny.

Older Woman:


55 and up

Open to all races and ethnicities

An older woman in the DMV waiting to renew their driver’s license.

Millennial Aged Person

Male or Female


Open to all races and Ethnicities

Looking for someone kinda sporty. Maybe there are in the DMV to get regestration for a motorcycle or something. Strong jaw, model esc features.




Open to all races and ethnicities

Looking for someone who is a total character. Are you pencil thing and really tall? Do you have big ears that pop off your head? Funny facial hair? Unique body shape? Looking for someone to wait that has great goofy expressions.

If interested please send your photos and IMDB link

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