Casting Call LA Student Short Film Paid!

Hungry Panda Productions Inc

CASTING CALL (Student 10min short horror)

Casting date: 6/10/2019 1pm
Location: Phylm Studio – 2230 S Main St, Los Angeles CA90007

Frank $200/day (lead, July22-July24, total 3 days)
An actor (19-29), male, Caucasian, not strong, not a professional actor. He is an ordinary people who dream of being a good actor, but the realization is he only attended in some low budget films. He was attracted by the screenplay from the DIRECTOR, so he decides to take part in. After the film in the film was finished, he is possessed by the ghost and kills all the people in the crew.

A girl (ghost) $100/day (lead, July22-July24, total 3 days)
The “real ghost,” Asian, tall, female 18-25. Long, black hair and pale face
She was killed by a thief and the film which the crew shoot activated her grievance and starts kill the crew.

Sleeping girl $50/day (supporting, July 23)
The ghost in the “film in the film” (18-25 ), Asian, looks young. She has long black hair and a pale face. She kills the thief (Frank in the film in the film) who breaks into the house. After the shooting, she leaves and not be killed by Frank.

Director (clown’s mask) $70/day (supporting, July 22)
The director of the film in the film (25-30), Caucasian, strong. He is a low budget film director. He lives on making low budget films for low income. He is a thoughtless and stubborn people and always refuse to hear others. He got a new idea for his new film, and he believes that he will make a great success from this film. He decided on breaking into the abandoned house for filming. In the end, he killed by possessed Frank.

DP (bear masked man) $70/day (supporting, July 22)
The DP of film in film (25-30), Caucasian. He is a confident man and with good cinematography skill. He wants to make a successful film, but they are always low budget films, so only a few audiences watch them. He believes he will be famous for filming this horror film. He killed by possessed Frank.

Supporting X4 – $20 (has 1 line)
Background X7 – $10 (no line)

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