Casting Call in Vancouver, BC – PAID

October Studio

Jay (Pimp) is making love with his new girl Kim while Henry (Paramedic) shows up to drop the drugs off for his brother. Since the brothers are living a totally different lifestyle, Henry confronts Jay that he no longer to be involved in Jay’s trafficking business. When Henry is about to leave, Kim unexpectedly reveals her true identity as an undercover police officer.

Jay | 25 – 35 | Male | Asian Canadian

Older brother of Henry, a drug dealer/a pimp, uses his younger brother’s resource to do drug deals. Superficially he is indifferent his family, but actually, all he did was for his family. (figure preferred to be fit)

Henry | 20 – 30 | Male | Asian Canadian

Younger brother of Jay– Paramedics – He has been a good boy all his life, but intertwine with his big brother’s drug dealing . (figure preferred to be fit)

Kim | 20 – 30 | Female | Caucasian or Latino

Jay ‘s prostitute but she is an undercover cop, infiltrate into the drug deal group in order to break through the drug dealers. (figure preferred to be fit and on the slim side,height under 5’5″ or 168cm)

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