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Short Film

Paid casting call friends!!

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“Calington Castle” SHORT FILM CASTING!!!

Casting Breakdown
Shoot Date: Last Week of August, 2019
Location: Central Texas
DUE: JULY 31st
Created by R.A. Feller
Adapted & Directed by Grayson Berry
Produced by Kristen Barchus & Jason Ramirez

Calington Castle is a Christian Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings, based on the book series by R.A. Feller. Set around a kingdom that crumbling from the inside, KING HENRY, long the protector of Calington and carrier of the light, has fallen under a demon spell, and his son PRINCE LIAM is forced to travel outside the kingdom to find a cure. However there is a bigger battle being waged behind the scenes and LIAM, the object of these forces affections.

LIAM, LEAD, 19, Can be 18-30, but look no older than 24. Caucasian brunette, preferably longer hair. After much deliberation, and a dispute with his father, KING HENRY, PRINCE LIAM flees Calington to seek and understand his destiny, and learn his role as the eventual KING. Must be “intermediate” on horseback, and ok with light stunts. Shakespeare training a plus. Must be able to convey a wide range of emotions.
PAY: $175/day

KING HENRY, LEAD, 45-65, Caucasian, preferably longer hair. KING HENRY has fallen victim to “the drink,” and Calington is suffering as a result. After years of fair treatment, KING HENRY is losing his allies, and his own family. Must be able to play “drunk” believably, and still convey a wide range of emotions: Anger, fear, jealousy, despair, defeat, etc. Must be ok with light Sword play/stunts. Shakespeare training a plus.
PAY: $175/day

QUEEN MARY, LEAD, 40-50, Caucasian, attractive, high status. MARY has been supportive of HENRY throughout his struggles, but is now put in a very awkward position of having to defend “herself.” MARY is a pillar of strength despite her current predicament, and advises LIAM to stay, until the trouble has blown over. Must be able to play “injured” and “woozy” and still convey a wide range of emotions. Shakespeare training a huge plus.
PAY: $175/day

MONSIGNOR, SUPPORTNG, 30-45, Caucasian or Mixed ethnicity, possibly a few extra pounds. The MONSIGNOR is wise and seemingly even-tempered, with a joyful disposition, and a sense of humor. He councils LIAM on all things spiritual. Shakespeare training a plus.
PAY: $140/day

JEROME, SUPPORTING, 20-25, Caucasian or Mixed Ethnicity. JEROME is the youngest and closest to LIAM’s age at the monastery, and a little jealous of the newcomer. Shakespeare training a plus.
PAY: $130/day

LOUIS, SUPPORTING, 35-50, Caucasian or Mixed Ethnicity. LOUIS is obviously fond of LIAM and believes him to be very capable of great things. He and the MOMSIGNOR have fun ribbing each other. Shakespeare training a plus.
PAY: $130/day

THE CREATOR, SUPPORTING, 10-15, African American, with a peaceful and joyous disposition and sense of humor. THE CREATOR squares off vs. THE DARK ONE for LIAM’S soul.
PAY: $130/day

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