Casting call for short narrative film: March 27-29th. Los Angeles


Job Position(s): Actor & Actress
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: March 27 - 29
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union

Story: Eva, A Mexican-American girl attempts to reconnect with her long-lost sister, Adriana, over the course of one night.


Eva: (Lead)
A first generation Mexican living with her parents in Los Angeles; she tries to connect with and get to know her long-lost sister over the course of one night who she has been looking for for months; she is 17 years old and a very determined young woman; however, she can be a bit naive and optimistic at times due to her age and relatively sheltered life. (Must speak Spanish 16-28)

Adrianna: (Lead)
A 24 year old Mexican-American woman who was put in the foster care system when she was born. She grew up in a group home and had a very tough childhood. She then became a prostitute, partially out of the necessity of survival and partially due to brainwashing by her boyfriend. She is a very headstrong woman who has been toughened by her life and who tends to bury her emotions deep inside of her rather than confront them. Over the course of one night, she discovers she has a younger sister who wants to connect with her and get to know her. She is hesitant, but ultimately agrees to meet her. (20-27)

Santiago: (Supporting)
Eva’s father. He is a very kind and loving father who cares about his family more than anything. He works very hard in order to provide for them as his wife is very ill. While he is originally from Mexico, he has raised his entire family in America and sees himself as a hardworking American.(Must speak Spanish 40-65)

Alyssa (Supporting)
A prostitute living in Los Angeles. She has a very hard life and grew up in the foster care system. She hates her line of work but it has been very hard for to get out of as she has difficulty finding another job without money or an education. She is very mature and smart and tries to watch over many of the other girls she works with as they are younger than her. She does not know her family and fantasies about meeting them someday. (22-29)

Compensation: No Pay. IMDB credit, meals, gas, and copy provided.

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