Casting Call for POC in Toronto


Job Position(s): Actors and Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 20 - 60
Project Type: Film
Job Date: October
Compensation: TBD
Union Status: Non-Union

Casting call “Starting Point” Proof Of Concept (Non union)
Shoot date: October (exact date TBD)
Location: Toronto
Rate: TBD
Audition: Via Self tape
Professor Johnson 30-60 years old
Johnson is a friendly and sarcastic man. He cares deeply about his students and will do whatever he needs to, to allow them to succeed.
Sean 20-30 years old
Sean is a talented cinematographer. He is at a crossroads in his artistic life as it comes into conflict with his personal life. Sean has a tendency to read into things and is something of a social chameleon.
Ricky 20-30 years old
Ricky is a rockstar. When he is working his PA jobs he will be found composing music or working with his band. Ricky is a realist, he is wise beyond his years. Some people would even say that is to his detriment.
Paisley 20-30 years old
Paisley is a hard working, methodical actress with the success to back it up. She is an actress that loves story and she will mold her characters to fit any film but at the same time she will hold her own and speak up when something isn’t right.
Abby 20-30 years old
Abby is a successful YouTuber by day and producer by night. She loves everything to do with a good production and sees the strength in things in being in the sum of their parts. She is a good friend and a hard worker until the end.
Please send all self tapes to Aiden Martin.
Deadline for self tapes is Aug 31st.

To apply for this job email your details to