Casting Actors and Actresses in Vancouver for Volunteer Student Short Film

Student Film

FORKED is a comedy short film that challenges preconceptions about opportunity and redemption in the midst of a fast-paced high-stakes collision of robbery and childbirth. When a woman suddenly goes into labour in a convenience store, a desperate first-time robber must decide what matters most.

Age: 30s

Chris is a young loving father, good guy, never committed a crime in his life. He has been backed into a corner with unpaid bills and lapsed health insurance which he really needs to help his sick daughter and out of desperation decides to rob a convenience store. Strong dramatic actor – normally stoic, pensive/brooding, he is a deeply conflicted character caught up in a situation he can’t control.

Age: 20s/30s

Woman is a very pregnant soon-to-be first-time mother who goes into labour in a convenience store. She is scared and very disheartened by this turn of events. She enlists the help of Chris and the store Owner to deliver her baby. Strong dramatic actor with solid comedic vocality and timing – broad range: from real fear and desperation for help to explosive primal aggression and assertiveness… all through extreme vulnerability.

Age: 45-60 (Asian)

Owner of Lee’s Convenience Store. OCD about the cleanliness of his store. At his core a kind man, but to his extreme frustration, he constantly fights through language and cultural barriers to be understood. A strong dramatic actor with solid comedic vocality and timing – asked to convey outward irritation while allowing honest compassion to show through.

Email Headshot/resume and link to demo (if available) no later than 9pm PST May 28, 2019.

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