Bad Blood Casting Call in Los Angeles


Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: November 21 - 22
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
*Bad Blood* Casting Call
We are now looking for supporting roles in an Artcenter student Sci-fi film “Bad Blood”.
Shooting Date: Nov.21st-22th
Location: Los Angeles
Rate: IMDB credit and Meal
The story of “Bad Blood” takes place inside a cyberpunk dystopia divided into socioeconomic factions known as “Alleys”, much like Time Zones in “In Time” or Districts in “Hunger Games”. Residents of Alley 1 enjoy the finest luxuries in the world while those in Alley 12 live in constant poverty and resort to crime. It is in Alley 12 where a special ethnic group of humans reside: RAD34s, humans born with a unique blood type. To the outside, RAD34s are portrayed as murderers, rapists, thieves, any and all crimes imaginable. If you’re born a RAD34, you’re destined for the crime. Because of this description, citizens outside of Alley 12 have dubbed RAD34s as “Bad Bloods,” and is often used as a derogatory slur. Bad Bloods are subject to constant harassment, abused, and prejudice by law enforcement. Parliament wants nothing more than to eradicate RAD34s from the face of the Earth, as they think their destruction could lead to world peace. After the wrongful imprisonment and eventual execution of his father, our protagonist Milo plans and takes part in a bank robbery in hopes of leaving Alley 12 forever and starting a new life somewhere.
【Supporting Role】
Alley 12 Police Officers
25-35. Male. Police officers on the Alley 12. They beat and arrest a Rad blood-type couple on the street and seen by the protagonist Milo and his friend. They arrest Milo later in the film, but Milo gets away.
Rad34 Blood-type Couple
20-35. Male and Female. A couple who is just walking on the street and gets stopped by two police officers. The police beating up and arrest them for no reason. They are the reflection of the RAD blood-type people’s current living situation.
Alley 12 people
20-50. Male and Female. People on the Alley 12.

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