Amelie's Creative Productions

Job Position(s): actors
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 5-60
Project Type: show
Job Date: December 16 2020 - June 1 2021
Compensation: Non paid ( for now)
Union Status: Non-Union

Amelie’s Creative Productions is accepting submissions for the show Friday Nights; Friday Nights is about a group of Teens-kids in the 80’s who lose their friend and have to go through crazy obstacles to find him, while saving the world a couple times.

Filming this summer between June and August

Producers are seeking:

African american boy ( age 11-14 )

4 Caucasian boys (age 11-14 )

1 Caucasian girl (age 11-14)

1 Hispanic or Latin  girl (age 11-14)

Their family, friends, and extras; Adults and Children, Any Race, Male & Female, and all ages.

City or Location of call: Louisville, KY or surrounding area

Payment: Non Paid (for now!)

To apply: email and

Please submit a headshot, resume, and acting reel (if you have one) if not submit a good picture and somethings I should know about you.