ACTRESS 19-30 for improv/reality Covid 19 movie.

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Job Position(s): Actress
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 19 - 30
Project Type: Feature Film
Job Date: TBD
Union Status: Non-Union

An actress talks about her life during the Covid 19 pandemic. She might talk about any acting classes or auditions which have been cancelled. Or if she was laid off from her day job. How her days are now…. what she does all day, staying at home. Etc etc.

She will also do some cold reading of a comedy script, dressed something like the photo. The comedy script is for an upcoming movie called Alien Sweater Girls. You can search google for what a sweater girl is….. a fad from
the 1950’s. She can sing a funny song which I have written. (The singing is optional, but it’s a chance to stretch)

Note, the whole shoot will be with social distancing! You will be very very safe at all times. “Safer than going to Safeway”.

Details on the shoot, including the extreme safety measures, are on the webpage for this project, below.

Please read the entire page before applying. You can also look at my whole site, for past work, and for upcoming projects after the coronavirus crisis is over. (I am not impressed by people asking questions which are answered on the website. So please have a good look first.)

To apply for this job email your details to