Actors of Various Ages for Student Film “The Red Bill” in NYC

Menard Bros Prod

Job Position(s): Actors
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: See Post
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union

Casting for ‘The Red Bill’ short film. “A ten dollar bill with a red balloon drawn on it passes through the hands of four financially desperate characters. When none of them are able to hold onto it long enough for it to be spent, it finds a home with a much less financially desperate recipient.”

This 7-10 minute narrative encapsulates the immense wealth inequality in America, especially in the bustling streets of NYC. Rehearsals will be in the first two weeks of January and will be shooting in late January – into February.

Once finalized it will have a guaranteed placement in the CUNY film festival, and will submitted to other film festivals in NYC. If any of these rolls seem like a fit for you or someone that you represent or know, please reach out.

The link to the script in pdf form will be attached

Age: 10-13
Shy Demeanor

Age: late twenties-thirties
Joshie’s Mother
Rough around the edges but will do anything for her son

Age: Late twenties
Sharply dressed, facial hair

Age: late teens – early twenties
Ratty clothes, bugged out eyes, manic

Homeless Woman:
Age: Thirties-sixties (age less important)
Old dirty clothes, ratty hair, severe limp

Business Man:
Age: Fifties – Sixties
Grey hair, wears a suit, arrogant demeanor

Business Man’s Assistant:
Age: Twenties
Corporate outfit

Please see attached script – The-Red-Bill

Payment: Non Paid

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