Actors Needed for Short Film in the Toronto Area


Job Position(s): Actors
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 25 - 60
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: October 16 - 19
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union

Steve, A 15 year old south asian boy goes fishing with his younger brother Savvit (7) at a secluded lake. After leaving the scene for a few minutes, Steve returns to find his younger brother missing, and frantically tries to get a hold of their father Adam (45) for help. What follows is a coming of age story about loss of innocence, guilt and loneliness.

ADAM (age 35-55) is a hardworking father of two boys who cares deeply about his children. Shortly after migrating to Canada from India, Adam and his wife were separated, leaving him to care for the children. Adam has led a hard life and is a quiet and practical person. After years of of being a single father, he craves intimacy with a woman. Male, aged 35 to 55. Ethnicity: Middle Eastern , South Asian

SAVVIT (age 7). A curious and mischievous young boy. Although Savvit is a carefree child, he is also more mature than children his age in some ways. Boy, aged 7 -14. Ethnicity: Middle Eastern, South Asian

POLICE OFFICERS: Two police officers are the first to arrive on the scene when Savvit’s disappearance is reported. Anyone, aged 25 to 60

Payment: Ultra Low budget Indie rates & honorariums. Meals provided on set.
Union Status: Non union only
Shoot Dates: October 16-19
Location: Halton region.
Health & Safety: strict Covid-19 safety measures in place. Skeleton Crew

The film is passion project led by an award winning team – Director Samiramis Kia, Cinematographer Mikhail Petrenko, and Producer Shehrezade Mian. Both Director and Producer are past recipients of Telefilm Canada’s Talent To Watch program, with numerous awards and festival selections under their belt. Cinematographer Mikhail Petrenko brings his past experience with Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated films, to the table.

We understand and deeply appreciate the time and effort involved in a low budget production. You will be working with a team of professionals who are similarly dedicating their time and effort to an arthouse project that they believe in. We encourage you to apply if you are looking to expand your portfolio, or if you want to be involved in a project that represents an ethnicity that is rarely seen on screen in a meaningful way. We also recommend you to apply if you are looking to build relationships with a team that is well connected to the canadian film and television industry.

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