Actor Auditions in L.A. for Independent Movie “The Hunt”


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Project Type: Feature Film
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Compensation: Volunteer
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After swiping right, the unlikely duo of Scotty and Jason connects with Agnes, a much older woman. In their haste, the boys forget not everyone is who they say they are on their dating profile. Agnes is the leader of a deadly coven that feeds on the youth and vitality of eager young men under every full moon. Jumping at the opportunity for an easy lay, the two young men find themselves in the clutches of Agnes and her coven of nasty witches. Not all is what it seems in this genre bending horror comedy featuring witches, guts, and gore.

(Male 20-30) He’s your friendly neighborhood Dungeon Master. Scotty is a scrawny loner who doesn’t frequent the dating app scene and he’s okay with that. He’s polite, well-spoken, and the kind of nice guy who frequently finishes last. Professional introvert.

(Male 20-30) Waiting for a feminist to buy him a drink. Jason charges head first into any situation that will benefit him. He’s an abrasive and outspoken bachelor who doesn’t mind using his “friends” to get ahead.

(Female 40-50) Mature maiden with a lifetime worth of experience. Agnes demands attention. She is an older woman with a nasty secret and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

(Female 50+) Agens’ coven comprised of 5 older women.

(30+) Uber driver. Menacing look.

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