Actor and Actress Needed for Non Union Film


Job Position(s): Actor and Actress
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 20s
Project Type: Fim
Job Date: October 22 - 24
Union Status: Non-Union
Casting Call: Fire Escape
Non Union
Filming Location: Cambridge
Filming Dates: October 22nd- October 24th
Synopsis: Miles, an aspiring young jazz musician living in modern-day Chicago, meets a young woman named May on a fire escape. Despite warning signs, Miles dives headlong into a relationship with May and is blindsided by her response to his affections. (Needs to know how to play piano)
Miles (24): An accomplished jazz pianist who has a strong love for his career, but longs for a love that rivals his passion for music. With his cheerful and optimistic approach on life, Miles carries a naivety uncommon for his age, yet there remains an aching and emptiness his music has failed to fill.
May (25): An artist. May is dealing with a mysterious past that continues to impact her present. To numb the pain, she recklessly swings from complete isolation to impulsive relational decisions. On the outside she appears relaxed and confident, but her actions betray the mask she wears.
If interested, email us your headshot, resume, and reel (if you have one). The characters do smoke in the script, please let us know in your email whether you are willing to smoke or if you prefer herbal cigarettes as an alternative.

To apply for this job email your details to