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Taraxacum Pictures

Job Position(s): Actor and Actress
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 25 - 30
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: TBD
Compensation: $200/day
Union Status: Non-Union

I need two actors for this short film that has both of them,
in the dead of the night, going to this bridge, to jump off of it.
Life, though so, successful for them, is also, shallow and empty.
They’ve never found their True Love.
So, one approaches from the North Shore
as the other from Stanley Park.
They don’t notice each other as they both
climb up into the bridge’s cable, to jump.
Then, in rapid succession, she jumps,
and at that instant feels that “He”, is there,
for her! But, she’s plummeting away towards
the water. In the same moment, he, senses her.
He’s dizzied by this feeling, this realization and he
loses his balance, and he falls away from the bridge…

It’s now, after first she, then he, hit the water that he
uses all of his soul, to swim down, after her,
bring her up to the surface,
bring her to the shore,
and give hear
the breath of life…
as she awakens to him
from this and they, begin to kiss…
There will be Music, with this,
a very famous recent Love Song,
re-interpreted, in the deepest
most, poignant way

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