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Writer’s Block: 10 Ways To Cure It

Writer’s block. We’ve all been there. But how do you find a way to get out of it sooner so you can start writing you script again? It’s frustrating and that’s why we made this list of 10 ways to cure writer’s block! Test them out and let us know which ones worked for you. Be sure to make a free FilmLocal account so that you can showcase your writing chops and get local jobs!

1. Breakdown the Project Into Smaller Pieces

Tackling a large project can seem like a extremely daunting task. That’s why it’s helpful to break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Here are some smaller tasks that you could try:

  • Organize project files
  • Brainstorm new ideas about ____
  • Research ____

2. Write Somewhere New

Everyone has their own preferred writing location. Some place cozy where you can really put your thoughts onto the page. However, it might be worth trying to write somewhere else. Here are some locations for you to consider:

  • A local café
  • The library
  • A park
  • The airport

3. Write Something Different

Most writers will stick to the same genre or style of writing. Try switching it up a bit to help cure your writer’s block. Quickly write a page of something outside of your comfort zone can do wonders. Do you normally write horror scripts? Try doing a fantasy one. That might just do the trick and get you out of your writer’s block.

4. "Incubation"

The term, “writer’s block” isn’t completely accurate because it implies that the problem has been imposed upon you—it’s something you have.

Instead, use the term, “incubation” because that’s something you do.  Incubation reflects the truth–that even if you’re struggling, you’re actively involved in the creative process.

5. Travel

By travel I don’t mean take an expensive vacation on the other side of the world (but you could) I mean go for a drive around town, hike through the forest, or simply walk down your street. All you have to do is get out of your house and go out into the world. Let your mind relax, then it will naturally get you out of your writer’s block. Don’t believe me? Steven Spielberg does this all the time!

6. Prompt Yourself

Sometimes, you can shake up the problem by speculating from a prompt you give yourself:

Try prompts like:

  • What I’m trying to say here is _____.
  • What I really want to write about is _____.
  • The exact wrong thing to happen here would be _____.

7. Write With Other Tools

Always writing on your computer? Try something different! Anything to get out of your normal writing routine. Here are some alternatives:

  • Pen and paper
  • Typewriter
  • Audio recorder (then transcribe)
  • Voice recognition apps

8. Go on a Media Binge (or Fast)

You can draw inspiration from a show or a movie to get you out of your writer’s block. Read a book and let someone else’s words resonate with you. Or, like you’re doing now, read some articles online!

Another method is the complete opposite. Shut every distraction out of your mind and solely focus on how to push your story forward. It’s amazing how much time and mental space you’ll realize you have, and when you make space, new ideas start flowing.

9. Hold the Question

“Holding the question” is a targeted form of incubation. Rather than completely removing your attention from the project, ask yourself a specific question throughout the day, e.g.:

  • What Act III “battle scene” best exemplifies my theme?
  • What would be a good introductory scene for my hero?

10. Take A Class That's Not About Writing

Use your brain for something else. Learn something that you’ve always wanted to learn. It can be anything! Dancing, cooking, science, debating, business. It’s all up to you and your interests.

Additional Cures

Got anymore cures you want to share? Write them in the comments!

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