10 Ways To Get Fired From Set, No Matter Your Position

You can get fired from any job, and the film industry is no different. First, do me a favour and don’t do any of these if you got a job from our Job Board. Any other set is free game though! I should mention that this isn’t a guaranteed way to get fired on every set instantly, all sets are different. Even if they are lenient however, it’s usually good practice not to do the following things if you don’t want to get fired from set.

¬†Unless you’re the boss, then you can do whatever you want.

What happens when you get fired from set.

Don't let this happen to your career.

1. Being Late

Nobody likes to pick up someone else’s slack, and that’s ten times as true on set. It can also cause major delays to production which means, thousands of dollars. Every person is specialized for specific tasks and if you’re not there to do them, it can be hard to find a replacement until you decide to show up.

2. Bad Attitude and Making Excuses

A typical shooting day is 12 hours long but can range to 18+ hours. If you’re not pleasant to be around, no one is going to put up with it. A set should be a massive family so it can all run as smoothly and as enjoyable as possible.

3. Having Your Cellphone Out

Cellphones make noise. Cellphones make light. Cellphones distract. Cellphones disrupt. Cellphones record. Don’t use your cellphone on set. Do a quick Google search and you’ll find countless times that directors, actors, and producers have freaked out when the saw a cellphone out at the wrong time.

4. Spoiling the Project

To work on bigger shows you have to sign a lot of contracts, including a NDA. This means that you cannot talk to anyone about what you’re filming. It’s all a big secret. Could you imagine if a crew member spoiled the end of Avengers: Infinity War? That could have lost the movie hundreds of millions of dollars. Besides, you shouldn’t spoil films anyways, it ruins the fun. Oh, and it’ll also ruin your career.

5. Making Someone Above You Angry

The film industry is one big hierarchy. If you piss off the person above you, or the person above that person, you’re in store for a bad time.

6. Being Lazy/Sitting Down/Sleeping

Film sets are an incredibly busy place. Don’t get caught slacking off when everyone else is working hard. Most of the crew are looking to go home as quickly as possible, if you’re not helping then your inhibiting that from happening and that’s a great way to get fired from set.

7. Not Communicating

Communication is key on set. You and your department have to stay in communication if you’re going to function properly. Not answering your walkie is a surefire way to not come back to that set.

8. Making Noise While the Camera Is Rolling

This one is self-explanatory and a good way to upset every person on set all at once.

9. Breaking Equipment/Props/Sets/Etc.

The amount of gear, props, wardrobe sets, etc. on set is insane. Not to mention how expensive all of it is. If you’re someone thats apt to tripping and breaking whatever you’re holding, at least don’t join the camera department.

10. Not Enjoying Yourself

If you’re uninterested in what’s going on around you, why are you even there? Higher ups won’t be happy with someone looking bored all day.

Ever Been Fired From Set?

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