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30fps vs. 60fps

So you’re here because you’re doing a project and you can’t decide if you should shoot 30fps or 60, or maybe you haven’t started but

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A film shoot doing a long take.

The Long Take

What is a Long Take? A long take is a shot in a movie that is longer than your average take before showing the next

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A technocrane on the back of a truck.

What is a Technocrane?

A Technocrane is one of the most unique, complicated, and amazing pieces of gear this industry has to offer. It is incredibly versatile, and when

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What is a call sheet? Here's an example!

What is a Call Sheet?

What is a Call Sheet? A call sheet is sent out before the next scheduled shooting day. All of the cast and crew who are

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Film Career

What Is A DIT In Film?

Another acronym to deal with, DIT. Of course, it’s once again a part of the camera department alongside a couple others; AC (Assistant Camera) and

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Film Distribution

How To Make A Short Film

So you’re wondering how to make a short film? Well I’m here to tell you, it’s not as daunting of a task as you might

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