How to be a Successful FilmLocal Affiliate

How to be a Successful FilmLocal Affiliate

I think people who have faults are a lot more interesting than people who are perfect.

-Spike Lee

If you’re wondering what to do as a FilmLocal affiliate (or thinking of joining our program) you should check out this article. This program is among the most lucrative affiliate programs out there, as you’re not encouraging people to spend money, simply sign up for a free trial. That’s right, you get paid for promoting something that’s free. That’s how confident we are about our platform!

We know that you’re a filmmaker first, not a marketing expert, and that this may be a whole new world for you. Well, we’re happy that you chose us and joined our program. We’re determined to make you successful and get you earning immediately. After all, this is mutually beneficial! We’ll be breaking this article down by assets so that you can skip directly to which ones directly benefit you! Here’s what we’re going to cover:

What Does it Mean to be an Affiliate?

First off, let’s cover what being a FilmLocal Affiliate actually means. In the most basic terms: we give you a link, you share the link, and you earn a commission for each Key Member free trial sign up. How much commission? $8 per sign up. Most programs give you a percentage of what the person you refer buys, we give you a flat rate for getting free trial sign-ups. To compare this directly, many programs offer 2% of the sale, meaning they would have to spend $400 to match our rate. I’ll be the first to say, it’s much easier to convince someone to sign up for a free trial rather than to spend $400.

After you apply and are approved for the program, you will be given an affiliate dashboard. On this dashboard, you can create a unique affiliate link for any page on our website. When you share this link and someone decides to click on it, that person will be tracked for 30 days. This means, if that person decides to come back and sign up for our free trial 30 days later, you still earn a commission.

Also on the dashboard, we have a variety of images and videos that you can use for promotional purposes. However, we do encourage you to come up with your own to make it similar to your style and more organic to your audience.

Finally, you can track everything through your dashboard. You can see how many people have clicked your link, how much money you’ve earned, etc.

When you join our affiliate program, you become a part of the FilmLocal team and we’ll do anything we can to help you become successful!

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you can add a link to it, it’s worth promoting on! We have many images in the “Creatives” section of your dashboard that are properly fitted for most social media platforms. Feel free to use these or create your own when making posts. Remember, the more organic the post, the better it will perform. You’re a filmmaker, feel free to get creative!

If you’re worried about your feed, you can always do a temporary 24-hour post or simply post to your story. If you’re able to do a swipe up link, this still counts as a referral!

Our biggest recommendation is to link directly to your Key Membership page. That way, you’re sending your referral directly to the area where you can receive your commission. Our page will do the rest by describing the benefits of becoming a Key Member. 

You’re also free to use buzz words like “exclusive” or “limited time” to encourage people to click. Just don’t be misleading! It also helps to say that you’re partners with FilmLocal. This will show that you endorse our service and that this post is different than a paid ad that you may have shared in the past.

The bottom line is: be organic, link directly to our Key Member page, and try not to look like an ad. Using these tips will ensure that you start earning!


A website or blog is the perfect resource for an affiliate link! This has the added benefit of being able to show up on search engine results. Now, to simplify everything we’re going to break this down into two different styles; a portfolio site and a blog site. Please note that we have a variety of properly sized images in the Creatives section that are designed for websites.

If you have a portfolio site (one that showcases you and your work), you may not want an ad on your site. However, there are more subtle ways you can still add a link while not infringing on user experience. For one, you can add a link to your main menu or your footer menu. You can get creative with this as well, instead of simply saying “FilmLocal” you can list it as “How I Find Jobs”, “Job Sources”, “Filmmaking Resources” etc. Find a term that works well for your site! You can even go back and add a quick blurb and link to existing articles that you’ve made.

You can also link directly to your FilmLocal account so people can find out more information about you and what you’ve done. This is a clever way to get people through to us and have that 30-day tracking start.

If you have a blog/article site, you can easily include links in an article organically. This is one of the best ways to earn a commission because if you have great SEO, you will continue to show up on search results long after you’ve published the article. Some examples of articles are “How to Crew Your Film”, “Where to find Cast/Crew Gigs”, “Websites Made for Film Networking”, etc. You can then sprinkle links organically throughout the article. The less the link looks like an ad and the more it looks like an actual useful resource for the reader, the more clicks you’ll get!

Again, when you’re able to, it’s best to link directly to our Key Membership page.


You can also use your film or YouTube to help promote links! When you’re doing a YouTube video, add a quick shoutout or promo spot. You can include the link visually in your video and/or add it in the description.

We enourage you to say “sponsored by FilmLocal” in your videos. This will allow the audience to know there is a strong connection between you and us, increasing the chances that they will follow your link.

Again, it’s important to add that this supports your channel, can be useful to them, and to do it as organically as possible. If you have a film, you can also add your link in the credits as you see fit! A nice organic way is to simply put “Cast & Crew by:” and put the link there.


Podcasts are another great way to include affiliate links. The best way to get people to click your link is to place the link in the notes for your podcast. If you’re going to do a quick blurb about FilmLocal in your podcast, include the timestamp with the link. That way people can check out what you were talking about once they finish the podcast.

Another method would be to do a verbal shoutout in the podcast. If you’re going to do this, make sure your link is as simple as possible. Your affiliate link is simply your username appended onto the end of whichever FilmLocal link you choose. So it’s best to make your username as simple and memorable as possible. Please note, your FilmLocal username is generated from the First Name and Last Name fields in our sign up form.

For example: if your podcast is called Film Geeks make sure that you put “Film” in the First Name Field and “Geeks” in the Last Name. This will make it so that your affiliate link to our homepage is This will come in handy when verbally telling people to check out a link. It is also helpful to include that by going to this link it helps support your podcast or, that they can get an exclusive deal.

Film Festival/Competition

There are plenty of opportunities to add links organically when running a festival or competition. Attendees are already expecting to see an onslaught of sponsors and logos, so simply include us and add your link where you would any other sponsor. You can also push this further by adding it to your newsletter, awards, website, app, anywhere you think people will click while not disrupting their experience. Don’t be afraid to print out the link on a brochure or pamphlet as well. People can look up the link after the festival is all said and done. The best way to encourage that is to tell them it’s an exclusive deal for your festival.

Unfortunately, we can’t give a ton of advice on this as each festival/competition is different. It will ultimately be up to you to decide where it’s best to put the links, but get creative! Now, that you know it’s a reasonable place to include affiliate links, it’ll be easier to find the perfect places or them.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Another way to earn some extra cash for an upcoming project can be through our affiliate program! You can simply put a link in your project description. As always, try to make it as organic as possible. Or you can suggest people who are unable to donate, to check out FilmLocal instead. Since you’re not asking people to spend money, just to simply sign up for a free trial, this is a great way to still earn some money off of them!

Any Questions?

There are plenty of ways to promote your links organically and effectively, even if you’ve never been an affiliate before! This program was created with filmmakers in mind. If you’re interested in becoming one of our affiliates, apply today! As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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