Production Company – One Year Membership

$250.00 $98.77

Purchasing this will automatically place you onto our Production Company List and give you a production company tab on your profile for one year. This is a great way to promote your business to users who are looking for a company to handle their project rather than an individual. We have garnered high amounts of film industry specific traffic and if even one of those users hires you during that year, you will already have made your money back. Whether you specialize in music videos, commercials, features or any other form of motion picture media, this can help you gain more clients. You’ll be able to display loads of useful information on your profile for people to see, including your logo, location, specialization, and more! You can see an example here.

Since this is a new service we are keeping the price low for the initial production companies that sign up! After that the price will go up to the evaluated market standard. Contact us if you’d like a free trial. If you are on either the Cast List or Crew List you will be taken off upon purchase.