Volunteers for Short Film in Vancouver!

Rain City Visions


Production Company or School *
Emily Carr University + The Centre for Digital Media (COLLABORATION)

Location : ?Vancouver
Director : Nicole Yang
Casting Directors: Nicole Yang, Jack Chen, Genki Ferguson

Submission Deadline *

Audition Date(s) *
July 15th/16th TBD

Audition Location *
Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
Ranges from July 19th-23rd TBD

Submission Instructions *
Please email your resume, headshot, body shot (if possible), and any demo reels
Also please let us know your availability from July 17th – 24th as we can make a precise shooting schedule AND a choreograph schedule based on everyone’s availability.

Union Status *

Compensation / Rates *
Honorarium $10 gift card of your choice, friendship, food and beverages provided, Final cut will and IMDB credits will also be provided.


Desperate times call for desperate measures, Jake participates in a mysterious experiment at a pharmaceutical company with a group of other volunteers; As the experiment begins, the participants are forced into an unexpected struggle for survival.

Additional comments:

*This is a new format of film we are trying to experiment with, as it is an interactive short film. With multiple endings and paths, the audience will be able to make choices along the story. We are very excited to shoot this and hope to have enthusiastic actors to help us fulfill our goals.*
Also, if you have any experience of stunt work, please let us know! Although no experience of stunt work required.


Jake, Male (Character age 19 ~ 25) : Main character. Possible anger issues and multiple personalities but has not been diagnosed yet. When he’s “happy” he’s chatty, nice and awkward. However as the film progresses, a darker side is revealed, Jake becoming increasingly selfish and cruel. [*Required to do stunts]

Connor, Male (Character age 20 ~ 26) : Supporting lead. He’s easy going, friendly, and clever. Horoscope might be a cancer. Knows the limits in a right or wrong situation. He’s has a very relaxed personality, but a strong sense of justice. If someone wrongs him or someone else, he will fight. [*Required to do stunts.]

Parker, Male (Character age 30 ~ 50) : Landlord of Jake. Somewhat grumpy, tall. When Jake doesn’t pay rent on time he gets annoyed and aggressive. He’s a married man with children. Sometimes tries to be a “cool dad” to his children but never shows his soft side to anyone besides his family. However, even though he looks grumpy on the outside, he’s kind hearted on the inside.

Manager, Male (Character age 30 ~ 50) : Organizer and boss of the whole experiment. Highly intelligent, with many questionable connections. Very high class but he keeps to himself. Organized and very powerful. Somewhat intimidating.

Spencer, Male (Character age 20 ~ 25) : Very smart and malicious. He knows when to be quiet and when to speak up. He has dark motives and knows what he wants. Pays attention to what other people are saying, always ready to jump on an advantage. [*Required to do stunts]

Aria, Female (Character age 19 ~ 25) : Very calm, with a laid-back tomboy vibe. She’s clever, organized, and brave. Has a chip on her shoulder about being seen as weak, and is always willing to prove herself.

Rex, Male (Character age 18 ~ 25) : Acts tough, but when he faces true obstacles he backs down. (Not a lot of dialogue) [*Required to do some stunts]

Assistant, Female (Character age 27 ~ 40) : Assistant to the Manager. Thinks fast, organized. She has a degree in nursing. (Not a lot of dialogue)

Trevor, Male (Character age 20 ~ 27) : Looks very buff and tall, somewhat of a jerk. (Not a lot of dialogue) [*Required to do some stunts]

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