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Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various
Project Type: Film
Job Date: See Post
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
Hi everyone! Looking for Middle Eastern actors for an upcoming AFI 16mm Student Short in collaboration with Kodak.
Production title: SAEADA
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Student – American Film Institute
Project length: Short Film (3 minutes)
Project Format: 16mm Anamorphic
Production location: Los Angeles
Compensation: No (Student Film- Food & Mileage provided)
Key Dates
Shooting Starts: November 23, 2019
Shooting Ends: November 24, 2019
Auditions: please email if interested and scheduling of auditions.
An Egyptian boy grows up outside an apartment building where he watches his father, the Doorman, serve its residents each day. As he gets older, surrounded by his family and religion- he searches for happiness in the small space they reside in on the streets of Cairo. He realizes that his happiness comes through understanding that he belongs to life as a whole and to be selfless is to become the new Doorman and allow his father to enjoy time again.
Character BIOS
As the film spans close to 30 years over a family’s life, the first time we see the boy is at 7 years old. He is from Cairo- and has grown up alongside his family in a local neighbourhood- outside of an apartment building. Inquisitive, gentle yet playful. Just learning to pray- he looks to his father for guidance often.
Having continued to grow in the same area of Cairo his entire life, he now follows the motions of everyday life. He finds enjoyment in helping others; his father, mother and siblings. Constantly reflecting on what it means to be a part of his community and religion- he is always in awe of his father’s ability to serve the apartment’s residents.
The boy has become a man at this age- he is reflective, kind and humble. He has a family of his own that now live with his father and mother outside the apartment building in local Cairo. He helps with most of his father’s duties without being asked. He also leads prayer in his family everyday. Noticing his father becoming older, he assumes the role as the new Doorman to allow his father to enjoy the remaining years of his life with his family.
[THE FATHER] (2 Actors Needed)
For the first two decades of the film, we see him portrayed by the same actor. A local Egyptian, he has always grown up beside the apartment building in Cairo, serving as the doorman after his father passed 20 years ago. Now with a family, he spends his time serving others, his god, and his family. He is a quiet and kind man who is happy with his everyday life.
For the final piece of the film, set in the third decade, the father struggles to perform his duties as the Doorman. He is a quiet, kind and hardworking man and would never ask for help. He loves his family, community and religion all the same.
[THE MOTHER] (2 Actors Needed)
A local Egyptian, her husband and her grew up in the same neighbourhood together. Now was him serving as the doorman, she takes care of the family. A newborn baby girl and a younger boy. She is loving, hardworking but never forgets the happiness that small moments can give her throughout her day. She loves her husband, children, community and religion.
The wife of the boy, who has now grown into a man for the final portion of the short film- she is a part of the grander family now. Helping her mother-in-law and their family- kind, humble and loving.
The son at the end of the film, he is just like his father- inquisitive, playful and kind. Always helping his father and grandfather with their duties.
All ages & genders.
If interested, please put the role you are interested in in the subject line of an email along with headshots and CV
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