Huge Vancouver Casting Call!!

Angela Quinn Casting

Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: MOW
Job Date: July 27 - August 12
Compensation: Paid
Union Status: Union

ANGELA QUINN CASTING is currently casting actors for our next union MOW scheduled to shoot in the Kelowna area from July 27-August 12. Vancouver-based actors and all submissions from actors who can work as a local to the Okanagan are to submit directly to Angela Quinn Casting by email. Local hires must be able to self-drive to & from set.

Note: only those selected for a self-tape will be contacted after the submission deadline.
Union & Non-Union talent are welcome to submit!

STORYLINE: Interior designer, Ava Downey, has her whole life planned out, everything from her future wedding to her high school sweetheart, Brett, to the names of their future children. Ava’s complete opposite and easy-going sister, Bonnie, puts up with the challenges of having a super planner sister as they attend the sure-to-be engagement of Ava and Brett. Everything is working as planned until Ava and Bonnie are at the bridal store admiring Ava’s wedding dress (the one she bought three years ago after meeting Brett) when suddenly Brett appears and says he doesn’t want to marry Ava. Bonnie takes care of her completely devastated sister and they decide to go on the honeymoon trip since it was paid for 18 months ago. Soon after arriving both women meet new men, Ava meets Kyle and Bonnie meets John. As the sisters enjoy the men’s company, Brett comes to his senses and arrives at the resort to proclaim his love for Ava and hopes she’ll forgive his past huge mistake. After Brett proves he’ll do whatever it takes to win back his bride, Ava must decide if she will start a new chapter of her life with Kyle or give love another chance with Brett.


BONNIE (Supporting)
30s-early 40s, Ava’s slightly older sister and widower. She’s very different from Ava, more laid back but a real supporter to her sister. Bonnie meets John at a Tai Chi event at the resort, instantly connecting and a new romance blooms.

KYLE (Supporting)
30s, handsome and athletic. He runs a jet ski shop, meets Ava and they go for walks along the beach. They win a Heart Hunt scavenger hunt bringing them closer. He invites her on a trip but before they leave Brett shows up and Ava must decide which man is best for her.

CHUCK (Large Principal)
40s-50s. He’s a balding, schlubby, paunchy guy who asks Ava for a coffee. After reluctantly going with him, Chuck tried to sell Ava time shares.

MC (Principal)
Mid 20s-30s. He works at the resort and invites the newlyweds to play games such as “How Well Do You Know Me?” and a scavenger hunt.

JOHN (Principal)
30s-early 40s. He gets a leg cramp at the Tai Chi class which Bonnie attends. She guides him to a bench to help rub his calf and they start talking. He has been divorced for 3 years. They spend time together and a new romance flourishes.

TAN HANDSOME GUY (Small Principal)
30s. He starts talking to Ava who, in an attempt to avoid him, pretends she doesn’t speak English. After it’s known that she doesn’t speak French, he asks her if she wants to go jet skiing. Ava thinks he’s asking her out and says yes, but he’s really just asking her if she wants to jet ski since he runs the shop.

CLERK (Small Principal)
Male or Female. 30s-50s. Works at the hotel where Ava’s honeymoon was to be, and checks Ava and Bonnie in for their stay. The clerk is very enthusiastic about the honeymoon suite until the sisters just ask for a regular room leaving the clerk confused.

30s. He approaches Ava and Bonnie while they’re lounging by the pool and offers to bring them a glass of wine. His offer is rejected.

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