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    Julius PillaiJulius Pillai


    I have a set of Whitepoint Optics Multi-Format Cinema lenses!

    These lenses are great for large sensor cameras like ARRI 65, Red Vista Vision, Sony Venice. Our focal length range is from 30-500mm, catering from to Super 35 to large format and full format sensors without vignetting or distortion.

    Our lens set comes as prime or additional Tilt-Swing mechanism with HUGE 82mm image circle! The lenses are available in PL, EF, and E-mount. Currently, we rent and sell them. Rent is $200 per lens/day.

    Let me know If you’d like to have a look/test it? These lenses have been already in few Netflix features like “Come Sunday”, “How It Ends” and we have signed them for few other big movie features in 2018!

    About us:
    We manufacture high-quality cinema lenses for the motion picture industry. For optimal quality, we use Zeiss and Leica glass. They are housed in a bespoke mechanism which is exclusively handmade in Finland.

    For more information:


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