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    Max ManningMax Manning

    Hey Guys just wanted to leave this here, hope its the right place for it…

    We are located in San Diego but we do a TON of our work in LA.

    We really have a ton of gear and access to anything you will for any kind of production. Give us a shout we wanna work with local productions!

    Equipment & Gear List

    RED Epic Dragon 6k Ef Mount Package
    (includes Red Touch 5”, Red Sidehandle, V Mount plate, Bolt Box Adaptor (Can run 2 additional volts), Redmote x 2, Nato Kit

    Red Media:
    5 x 128gb SSD
    2 x 64gb SSD

    Hypecore V Mount Batteries x 4 (8 hrs) +
    8 RED Volts (3 hrs)

    Lens/Optics Kits
    Rokinon 24mm Prime
    Rokinon 35mm Prime
    Rokinon 50mm Prime
    Rokinon 85mm Prime
    Canon 24-105 f4
    Canon 24-70 2.8


    Nucleus M Follow Focus Kit
    Movi M10
    SmallRig Directors montor/Cage (No Teradeck/Wireless included, must be rented)
    Several misc items, cages, cables, Vmount charger

    Camera Car Rig with Cine Arm & Movi Pro
    Red Dragon or Raven
    Cine Car Arm
    Movi Pro Kit
    Movi Pro Controls
    Nucelus M Fiz Kit
    Directors Monitor/Focus Monitor
    Shogun Inferno Monitor/Recorder
    System Power
    Camera Car (Toyota FJ or Ford 150)


    Hello we our shooting a movie in Stockton/Sacramento Area and our look for a Red camera what would be the cost of the rental

    Also if we rent it does it also have the sound equipment.


    Max ManningMax

    Matt please give me a shout at my email so we can discuss your project further so I can give you a proper estimate. Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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