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    Sam BeatchSam Beatch

    Location Sound Package:
    Sound Devices 664 (12 channel recorder/mixer)
    6 Lectrosonics Wireless Mic packs
    6 Sanken Cos 11 Lavs
    Wireless Boom
    Lectrosonics Six Pack Rf Distribution & Sharkfin Antennas
    Sennheiser MKH 50 microphone (used on sound award winning game of thrones and many of the biggest productions)
    Sanken CS3e microphone (sometimes called Laser for its Long Reach, and Extreme Noise Rejection)
    2 Ambient QP 4140 Boom poles ( a short pole and long pole)
    Sony UWP D 11 set (camera hop)
    2 Lectrosonics IFB (Highest quality wireless headset for Director and Scripty)
    3 Comteks + Transmitter (headsets)
    2x Tentacles (timecode)
    1 Timecode Slate
    Sound Cart & Mobile Bag Setup
    BlackMagic smart duo dual monitors

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