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    I’ve got a full camera package for rent to get your production rolling. The TL;DR of the gear is camera, batteries, lenses, lightweight mattebox, video assist monitor, on-board monitor, video village monitor, 1:2 transmitter/receiver system. We are still working on pricing which I will update with when have it hammered out. We are flexible too so don’t be afraid to tell me your budget and we’ll make something work!

    Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro
    Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro Body
    Black Magic Design Hand Grip
    PL Mount /w shims
    EF Mount /w shims
    Komputerbay Cfast 2.0 256GB (x2)
    WoodenCamera D-Box
    SmallRig Super Lightweight 15mm Railblock v3
    SmallRig Side Cheeseplate
    SmallRig Top Cheeseplate
    SmallRig Top Handle with Cold Shoe
    SmallRig Base Plate (ARRI Style) with Dual 15mm Rod Clamps
    SmallRig 12” ARRI Standard Dovetail
    SmallRig Universal Shoulder Pad
    12” Stainless Steel Rods
    Shape Quick Handles 15mm Rod Block
    SKB iSeries Waterproof Case

    Rokinon Cine Primes
    Rokinon 16mm T2.2
    Rokinon 24mm T1.5
    Rokinon 35mm T1.5
    Rokinon 50mm T1.5
    Rokinon 85mm T1.5
    LowePro Soft Lens Bag

    Vaxis Storm 500+ 1:2 SDI
    Vaxis Transmitter w/ Antennas x3
    Vaxis Receiver 1 w/ V-Lock Plate
    Vaxis Receiver 2 w/ V-Lock Plate
    12″ Power Cable P-Tap to 2-pin Lemo Right-Angle x3
    18″ Power Cable P-Tap to 2-pin Lemo Straight
    3′ UltraLightWeight BNC right-angle to straight (2x)
    1′ UltraLightWeight BNC straight
    Noga Arm
    Vaxis Hardcase
    Panasonic BTLH 1700 Production Monitor
    17″ Monitor
    6′ Power Cord
    Sun Hood
    Back Plate
    VESA Light Stand Mount
    Screen Protector
    Nanuk Case
    Tilta MB-T12 Mattebox
    4×5.65 Lightweight 3-stage Mattebox
    15mm Rodblock
    80mm Backing
    95mm Backing
    110mm Backing
    114mm Backing
    134mm Backing
    16-20mm Hardmatte
    24-28mm Hardmatte
    32-35mm Hardmatte
    50-85mm Hardmatte
    85-180mm Hardmatte
    Nanuk Case
    SmallHD 702 Bright Monitor
    7″ SmallHD Monitor
    Faux LP-E6 Adapter
    3′ Bush Power to P-Tap Power Cable (2)
    30″ 4-pin Mini XLR to 3-pin Lemo with Voltage Regulator (2)
    SmallHD 702 Hood
    Screen Protector
    Pelican 1200 Case
    Blackmagic 4k VideoAssist
    VideoAssist 4K Monitor/Recorder
    18″ P-Tap to BushPower Cable
    3′ UltraLightWeight BNC right-angle to right-angle
    Monitor Cover
    Nanuk Case
    Varizoom V-Lock Sequential 2-bank Charger
    PAGLink 96Wh Stackable V-Lock Batteries (3x)
    HyperCore 98Wh V-Lock Batteries w/ P-Tap & USB (4x)
    IDX 73Wh (2x)

    Andy BrownAndy Brown

    Respond to my updated post please. Had account issues and had to recreate my account. Couldn’t delete this post.

    David Henderson

    Hi there. Wondering if this camera is available for rent before the end of the year, for a 1 day camera test?

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